Key hoops game vs Oregon State

I know it seems silly to to make the opening conference came sound critical, but OSU is one of those middle-of-the-pack teams the Utes must beat to finish with 9-10 conference wins and make the dance.

I think they are quite a bit better than middle of the pack this year.


I am hoping for a good showing. I love the grit and toughness of a few of our players, namely Allen and Jones. Tinkle torched us for 31 points the last time we played them at JHMC. They may be a tourney team, so this should be tough. I am not expecting a win. At all.

The PAC12 had as strong a pre-season as we’ve had in some time. Tonight is likely the easiest game in our first 6 games (as next we get Oregon, then road games at Boulder, Zona, and ASU, followed by Washington).

If anything, March will give us a lot of conference teams to cheer for in the tourney. Currently have 5 PAC12 teams projected to be there.

Jeez, I hadn’t looked at the schedule that close, holy crap, we could start the conf season 0-6. What a murderer’s row! If we get 2 wins out of that stretch, I would consider it a success.

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Utah by 5.

We’re going 6-0.


That’s what zoobs do. We are not zoobs.


(ROCKER your complete sentence filter is pissing me off. I just want to make a joke and it won’t let me. MAKE IT STOOOOOPPPPP!!!)

The best part about being 1-0 is the chance to go 2-0!!! Every journey starts with a single step, great victory last night!!

If we were going to win at least one in that stretch, that was one we needed. Hope we can get at least one more, maybe ASU? Oregon is a stretch but we sure play a lot better at home. Maybe Buffs? They seem to be pretty good this year, but it’s hard for me to accept them as actually being good.

I think we’ll have a hard time against CU because of Bey in the paint.

Screw you, we are getting five more in a row!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!


At the same time, I feel better about our paint presence than I have in some time. Carlson is pretty dang good already as a freshman, Lahat seems to give really good energy and effort, and Micki has really impressed me. For first time in what seems like a long time we actually have some depth across the front line. I think that really helped us against the Beavs.

Nothing would make me happier!!!

This is true, we were all wringing our hands over the departure at Jayce Johnson, but we are way better off at that position (and I think we now know why he headed for the x-fer portal).

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For the record, while i appreciate Jace for all he gave, there was no wringing of hands in my house. We were all pretty satisfied with his decision. That said, I never expected to be this well off. Most hoped for was one or two players like Lahat or MVK to develop for future. Carlson and Micki are very pleasant surprises.

With a little time in the weight room and some tutelage from Larry, I think Carlson is going to be pretty good. He runs the floor a while and appears to have a good court sense. He’s also pretty nimble and agile for a guy his size.

TBH, I think Thioune could be the best. That kid has crazy athleticism. Seeing him sky for some of these blocks is kuuuuuuuhhhhhrrrrrraaaaazzzzyyyyyy,

Lots of potential. We just don’t want the ball in his hands more than a few feet from the basket (except for free throws – he’s good at those). .