Kershaw Kershawed it and took another loss last night

I don’t get it. The greatest pitcher of his generation is mediocre, at best, come October. What gives?

2nd greatest…after JV. Or is JV from one generation earlier?

His post-season record makes it hard to call him great. I say this as a devoted Dodgers fan. He’s so good and such a good guy that I would love to see him get that monkey off his back this season. He’s 31 now and doesn’t have many seasons left.

He may be a great guy, but he plays for the Bums. So I don’t want him to win anything.


I’ve been warned about killjoys like you.

It’s kind of comforting to know that Kershaw isn’t the only future Hall of Famer who’s terrible in the post-season. Verlander is even worse.