Just for fun, ESPN FPI predictions

Just for the fun of it, I looked up the ESPN FPI index of each team in the PAC-12 vs. the FPI of their opponents this season. While this was more for entertainment and I’m not predicting that Utah will go undefeated this year (Utah’s FPI of 15 is superior to everyone on the schedule) it did come up interesting. If it’s correct, looks like a rematch in Vegas.

PAC-12 North
Oregon 11-1 (only loss vs. Utah)
Washington 10-2
Oregon State 6-6
California 5-7
Stanford 3-6
Washington State 3-6

PAC-12 South
Utah 12-0
UCLA 10-2
USC 8-4
Arizona State 8-4
Arizona 1-11
Colorado 1-11

Again, these are using ESPN’s FPI rankings which definitely have their flaws but an interesting look.

Did ESPN remove USC from the Pac-12?

Good question. Seems that a large collection of prognosticators say USC will start as a top 10 team with shot at CFP. Seems that the FPI says otherwise. I haven’t been sold on Riley, either at OU or USC. He’s got great offenses, but his defenses leave a bit to be desired.

Here’s the FPI for USC:

USC (37) Rice(121) W
USC (37) Stanford (21) L
USC (37) Fresno St. (69) W
USC (37) Oregon St. (57) W
USC (37) Arizona St. (41) W
USC (37) Wash. St. (79) W
USC (37) Utah (15) L
USC (37) Arizona (89) W
USC (37) California (70) W
USC (37) Colorado (86) W
USC (37) UCLA (34) L
USC (37) Notre Dame (5) L
W: 8 - L: 4

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@61_Shasta, given the manner in which Riley is constructing his team, what are your thoughts on whether this team will come together. I’m beginning to wonder if USC will perform like a Lane Kiffin USC team.

Don’t really know. I don’t follow USC closely enough to be able to speak to what Riley is doing. I was just curious what the PAC-12 would look like if FPI is correct.


Barring Riley going “full Sark” at a booster function or worse (pick a recent coach meltdown), does U$C give him the time to actually build a program?

Riley isn’t a drunk like Cutty Sark was(?), so the answer is “yes” he will be given time. Buying out failed coaches and paying NILs ain’t cheap. We only have so many billionaire benefactors to go around.