Just feels right


Olympus! That’s got to feel weird for Scalley. He was Highland through and through.

I coached at Cottonwood little league for years. In 1989 I was coaching Gremlins (youngest age division) and we had a pretty good team. We lost in the championship game to Highland when some kid named Morgan Scalley ran for 3 TD’s. Morgan’s dad was the coach at Highland.


One of my favorite memories of the last Highland-East basketball game of my son’s time at Highland was the chant that started with East students: "Who hates Olympus? and Highland would respond “We hate Olympus”. As the saying went “we all have teams we don’t like that much but we can all agree that everyone hates Olympus!” GO RAMS!


It does feel right doesn’t it?

Over the last 4 years Olympus is 6-2 in football, 15-3 in baseball & unbeaten by Highland or Skyline in basketball. I wonder if the tide will begin to turn once Skyline get their new facilities.

Makes me to chuckle to see the sons of a highland ram and a skyline eagle team up on olympus.

Olympus has become an interesting place. It’s kind of become everything people used to say about Skyline but actually wasn’t. Except this time it actually is.

It is pretty funny that other schools are united in their hatred of Olympus though - that cheer described above has happened in multiple places now (except is usually just an ‘OLYMPUS SUCKS!’ chant).

Are you referring to recruiting? Because I disagree.

No, just that Skyline 20+ years ago was considered the snob school, etc. now that is Olympus.

Oh, but on recruiting, it is definitely happening on b-ball.

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I know that 40+ years ago Skyline was considered a snob school. But I went to South, so just about everybody was considered a snob school.


I went to West, so I hear you.


When I went to Skyline we bussed in the snobby kids from the Sandy area. Most of the local kids were pretty down to earth.

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It is telling that my son’s friends who went to Oly hated all the snobby kids there and think the school sucked. They couldn’t wait to get out!

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My son loved Olympus. Not sure what constitutes snobby, but if your buddy didn’t enjoy high school, my son was probably one of the kids your friend hated.

If he was one of the snooty kids who treated other kids like ■■■■ then yes the guys my son went to the U with would not have liked him at all. Mind you these were all smart future engineers who didn’t put up with those snotty kids who thought they were better than anyone else. They just buckled down and worked hard and wound up with engineering scholarships at the U. Great group of kids if you ask me. :slight_smile:

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My son goes to Olympus right now - he’s pretty good at rising above the fray and not getting caught up in the drama and materialism, so for him it isn’t an issue. BUT there is most definitely a group there wrapped up in keeping up with the Joneses. It’s pretty entertaining to watch because from my experience of working with and for truly wealthy people - generally the only ones who flaunt it are the ones who actually don’t have it.

I remind my son to not feel bad he doesn’t have a BMW to drive to school because those kids will likely be having to support their parents in some form or another when they can no longer work because they are maxed out and hadn’t saved anything and he won’t have to do that with us. Then I’ll say, “That is unless you WANT a BMW now… but if you do I’d like to request a separate entrance into your home for your mom and me in advance…”

Fortunately he doesn’t give a rip about that stuff, which makes me pretty proud.


I’m sorry he wasn’t able to connect at Olympus. High school should be a wonderful time of life — before it gets real.

My experience with Olympus was fabulous. Yes there’s money and lot of accomplished kids but I loved the kids my son ran around with. Mostly athletes.

Bummer for your buddy though.

I’m glad your kid found his group away from the plethora of douchebags at Oly. My son ( actually both sons) had a great experience at Highland. They have truly developed a family atmosphere there and have embraced the Ram Fam creed. When my oldest met those guys from Oly his first year at the U he didn’t think they would become friends. But lo and behold they had a dislike of the Oly douchebag crowd in common. And now post graduation from the U they are off to great career starts to it all worked out in the end. Go Rams! Go Utes!

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I know there’s a couple of Highland Rams on this board. Thursday Night Lights game is Highland Vs Brighton on KJZZ tonight (like right now)


That game started ok for Highland but then just got out of hand. It was ugly. The only bright spot was Karrie Allred from the office received an award which was well deserved.

5 turnovers inside the 20, including the very first play of the game. You just can’t recover from that.