Just donated

I hope by donating that it will give me at least a little bit of street cred here on this site. If nothing else you guys can respect the fact that I have a little skin in the game just by being here and donating.

But I will be up front and honest I am a hardcore trueblue BYU fan. I will do my best as long as the site administrators will allow me to stay here to be a good guest. I am not going to agree with those of you on this site on very much but I do promise that I will be fair and honest in my responses and posts.

I love basketball and I love the state of Utah and I’m here to talk about both. I have spent a lot of time over the last 15 years coaching competitive basketball with my kids and I’m very interested to see how things move forward in the state of Utah in regard to youth, High School and college basketball.

I’m still learning the functionality of this site so if I miss post or do something that is out of the norm, cut me some slack. I’ll figure it out eventually.

BTW, I chose the username of Wingnut because I was in the Air Force for 22 years.

Welcome Wingnut!

PS. We need an introduction thread, for new comers and old timers to share a little more about themselves.


We can start by not agreeing right here :slight_smile:. I think we all have more in common than not. Sure, we will passionately defend our team and school and poo-poo the other, but if it’s kept fair and respectful, it can be a fun debate to have. Ultimately, all schools are doing good by their students and athletes are trying to do their best and win and especially beat certain schools/rivals. Do we always want to be the victor? Absolutely.

I’m guessing you’ll have most interest in the bball programs and discussions. As any board, enter other topics at your own discretion/peril ;).


Wingnut, seems like an appropriate handle, likely not for any reason you might have chosen it…

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OK, Wingnut. Looks like you’re going to be our resident Cougar. Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone, and no rising and shouting is allowed.


And, if we beat you (yet again) in football this year, no whining about how the game should be played in November “when it’s supposed to be”.


Ok. I can live with that. I’m sure there are plenty of you here that will remind me if I do cross that line.

Welcome! My fellow Utes may bark, but are friendly. Please don’t pee on anything.


Welcome aboard!
Maybe we’ll convert you from the dark side someday :wink:
May you and your family be of good health and cheer.
FWIW, I roll Jiu Jitsu and other previous martial arts

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