Jon Wilner on PAC-12 TV

From Jon Wilner’s weekly newsletter:

TV matters, good and bad

The network selections for Oct. 19 were announced this morning and brought several items of good news for the Pac-12 Networks – and one slightly foreboding reminder.

Here’s the schedule …

11:30 a.m.: Oregon State at Cal (Pac-12 Networks)
12:30 p.m.: Oregon at Washington (ABC)
3:00 p.m.: Arizona State at Utah (Pac-12 Networks)
4:00 p.m.: Colorado at Washington State (Pac-12 Networks)
6:30 p.m.: Arizona at USC (Pac-12 Networks)

ESPN had the first pick and, of course, opted for Oregon-Washington.

Fox isn’t involved in broadcasts that weekend, and the Pac-12 Networks were the prime beneficiary:

They have ASU-Utah, which could match two ranked teams and surely has division title implications, and Arizona-USC, which could feature a ranked team (Arizona) and is guaranteed to feature USC.

The Pac12Nets don’t have many chances to show the Trojans in a meaningful game because ESPN and Fox usually gobble them up.

It couldn’t have worked out much better, except for the fact that the conference could have three ranked teams and USC on a network with limited reach.

What’s good for the Pac-12 Networks (attractive matchups) isn’t always good for the Pac-12 (poor exposure).

Oh, and here’s that foreboding reminder:

Neither ESPN or Fox will have used a six-day selection option through the games of the 19th.

That means four of the final six weeks of the season will be governed by six-day picks.

For fans, making any plans in advance for the big games during the stretch run will be tricky. – Jon Wilner.

Well, that sucks!!!

Of course I don’t care since I will be in the NEZ for it. Oh, and a 4:00pm kickoff won’t suck.