Jimmermania - the gift that keeps giving

Had a talk this weekend with a BYU fan who lamented the unfair treatment Jimmer received in the NBA. I enjoyed watching how sincerely perplexed he was that Jimmer wasn’t just a wild success there. He also didn’t agree with me when I said I thought he’d got more than his fair shot in the NBA, with a couple of chances to prove his worth, which was a couple more than a lot of college players get.

Anyway, it reminded me of Jimmer’s last year and his last game against Utah. If memory serve right, Rose put him back in so he could get 50 points in the game, which was… interesting. The Utes were bad, the JMHC was filled with more BYU fans than I’ve ever seen and I’ll never forget the environment. Any time Jimmer got the ball the BYU fans - mostly adult males - would start screaming like teenaged girls when the Beatles came to America. It didn’t matter where he was on the floor, they were certain he was about to jack up another amazing shot. And when he did the hysteria was at a real fevered pitch for about 1 second until he missed a shot - then the shock was real.

My brother and I had tickets together, next to us all season was an empty seat. This game it was filled with a BYU fan, head to toe BYU gear. He would talk during the game to the players by their first name like he knew them. Anytime Jimmer got the ball he’d scream his name and if he hit a shot he’d scream, “JIMMER!!!” in my face. I dealt with it for about a half. Early in the second half when he screamed “JIMMER!!!” in my face one time too many I said to him, “Seriously dude, you need to shut up, can you stop screaming in my face?”

Well he lost his mind at that point, REALLY getting up in my face and screaming at me that he’d paid for that ticket and he could do what he wanted. It basically just intensified and he’d just stare at me trying to intimidate me for the rest of the game. He got really upset when I complained when Rose put Jimmer back in to get his baskets up. That really offended him.

I wonder if that guy ever got out of his mother’s basement after that… but BYU fans are kind of awesome.

Folks are still talking about Jimmer? Wow! I guess it should surprise me, these are the fans who get excited talking about 1984, and most weren’t even born then.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who has noticed this. They do it in all sports. Such high pitched voices. I wonder why.


Probably long enough to get hauled off by the Provo PD for doing something stupid on the internet.


Magic underwear can change you! Their voices are proof! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

You knew things were out of hand down there when doTERRA derived an essential oil from Jimmer’s jock.