Jazz Uniforms

I don’t pay much attention to the Jazz, especially the off-season, but I just got a whiff of the new Jazz uniforms, and they are BYU Football Bib bad… not only the color scheme but it looks like was was designed in MS Paint.

Interestingly, they HAD some of the cooler uniforms that reflected the red rock colors in Utah.

The complete zoobification of the Jazz is earnestly underway it seems.

I’ve never bought any Jazz gear. And these abominations will ensure that will continue.


The only things Utah Jazz I have are a t-shirt signed by Karl Malone that I framed and a framed action photo signed by Mitchell and Gobert.

Both were gifts.

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I’ve got a Q Anon manual signed by John Stockton


Yes, that gear is pretty fugly. Then again since Nike makes it, and the design looks a lot like the fugly outfits the Ducks wear, maybe the next step is for the team to be assimilated into the Northwest Borg Collective.

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I haven’t paid much attention to the Jazz in years. I have paid even less attention since a Zoob bought the franchise. And these University of Oregon uniforms are hideous.


In what will be a long list of exhibits of the worst team rebranding of all time:

Pretty typical of the flat brimmed hat “bro” culture that permeates many of the home grown tech companies south of the Point of the Mountain. So weird.

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Here I thought we had seen the worst rebranding efforts in the NBA already with the GTA Logo trash on the Clippers and Brooklyn.

I was wrong.

Oh, and flat brims makes everyone wearing it look like an Epsilon Semi-moron looking for his next dose of soma. #BraveNewWorld

It’s why we bent our brims to curve back in the day…just like the MLB players did.

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I bend mine to fit my oblong head. Those flat brims leave such huge gaps at the temple.

That and because it shades the sun better (its actual purpose).


P.S.: I think Mitchell wore and maybe still wears highlighter-yellow shoes. Could this be related?