Jaylon Dixon in the portal

Seems like a good kid, probably a very good to great player on a G5 but probably was number 6 or 7 target this year with the depth Utah has at wide receiver and the tight ends.

That’s certainly disappointing. He certainly came up with lots of big plays for us and his speed was certainly a plus.

Wish him well.


Didn’t really get passed to they say maybe joining Shelley at USU. He was Shelley’s favorite target.

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I always thought he was underutilized. I would have liked to see what he could do without Huntley and his crutch Simpkins in there. He seemed like he had a lot of potential when Shelley was QB.

Also, if Covey goes down, not having Dixon could hurt us.

All that being said, I totally understand why he is leaving, and I don’t think it will ultimately have a negative impact on our team.

OH…interesting. I thought he would be one of the experienced WRs coming back. Are there that many WRs ahead of him?

Ludwig runs a lot of one and two TE sets. That means 2-3 WR’s can play at a time. Players ahead of Dixon: Thompson, Enis, Nacua, Covey. Plus he has Smith-Young, Vele, and Money Parks nipping at his heals. It’s a DHC scenario.

Stay at Utah and fight for reps or go to USU and play every down.

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