Jayden Daniels

The “generational talent” who was being promoted as a Heisman candidate was 11/25 for 145 yds. Zero TDs and 2 INTs. QBR was 43. Rising’s QBR vs Stanford, for comparison, was 64 (it wasn’t his best game, I think we can all agree). Rising’s QBR vs USC was 97.7. Rising did it back when SC still had something to play for. ASU hosted USC, while our guys played in LA.

Just think, if Daniels’ mom didn’t take the payola JD would have been a UTE. And Rising? He may have been a Sun Devil.

It really is incredible how things just work out.

If you want to make God laugh just tell him your plans.

I have never seen a QB as highly touted as Daniels having no clue about how to throw across the middle of the field and not get your receivers killed for trying to catch the ball. Don’t be shocked when that QBR drops some more up in the rain in Seattle. Yes, the dawgs kinda suck this year, but in the Conference of Cannibals, ASU might take a Wazzu-level beat down again.


i talked to a couple of ASU fans at church today. They said we could have him back : )