Jake Heaps sighting…

Disclaimer: As a Raiders fan, I revel in watching the Donkeys overspend and struggle. It wasn’t a great Raiders season, but we did sweep the Donkeys so there’s that. With that noted…

Apparently Heaps is the personal QB coach for Russell Wilson, and isn’t (and has never been) on the Broncos payroll. Good for the kid finding a job that got him NFL Adjacent.

What this situation tells me is Wilson is a diva. No wonder Hackett was having so many problems! How does a HC have any control over the “QB coach” in this situation?

Answer: He doesn’t…and it showed!

Good for Sean Payton putting an end to that BS.

This is mind boggling. His weird little somersault in the 54-10 game was an all-time “WTH?” - Three Stooges moment. Now he’s an NFL QB coach?



I remember Heaps having a televised event in a Salt Lake sports cafe/pub where he selected and put on the BYU hat and declared he would take a victory kneel four times against Utah and would bring a national title to Provo.

We saw how that went…




Heaps spent a couple years as an analyst on local Seattle sports TV, covering the Seahawks and NFL. He was actually pretty decent.

Did he use the word “awesome” in every sentence?