Jaheim Oatis is not a normal Sophomore in HS

like I said, I care about that game only as it relates to playoff implications, this is a far cry from sec recruiting news. I was a bit harsh towards you and that was a mistake because I enjoy having an outside perspective but sometimes you come across as a guy promoting the SEC with all the arrogance that is typical of that conference and it’s fans. We just tire of the SEC look at me posturing as if we don’t get enough of that from ESPN, it’s not needed or wanted here.

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Other than the outcome and Saban whining about the 4th down penalty I have no idea what happened in the game. Was there some missed fg or something?

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Literally the kid is recruited by Oregon and Washington. I wouldn’t have posted if he was a “Commit.” More so, HE’S HUGE! This is more about the recruit than anything to do with Alabama. Some of y’all need to realize I am pulling for Utah. I am not a Conference guy and I grew up in California in a mormon hotbed so I have followed Utah since the 1980s.

EDIT: Not worried about you being harsh. I don’t lose money and you didn’t say anything about my family. It’s a message board. I’ve been called worse. That said, thanks for recognizing it though. No worries.

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Yes. The illegal FG at the end of the half which in the same quote as the 4th down play he complained about. Also, Alabama missed another FG to tie the game. The story of the program’s life. Bad kicking.

Oh that’s right. The refs put a second on the clock or something? We’ve had an embarrassment of riches when it came to kicking. You don’t appreciate the advantage it is to have a guy who can easily hit from 50 yards to what we have now (a serviceable K… that doesn’t have a lot of head coach trust).

Not to mention this is the same field the infamous FG kick was ran back for the win. Between Florida State and Wide Right and our kicking issues you would think kids in the gulf coast would be practicing their FG kicks.

I can appreciate the pac12 recruiting angle but I’m caught up in my memory of your old m.o. consisting of excessive SEC spam. This is a new uf.n so fresh start for us all sounds good. Good luck bamafan.

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I don’t remember that. Then again, that was five National Titles ago.