It's not meaningless to me

I love Bowl games and I don’t care if there are “too many.” I will watch them all and I am eyeballing going to LA Bowl, Holiday Bowl and Rose this year. 45 games is a dream.

My view is that a record of 7-5 or better 8-4 should be the minimum (expect in special cases) to be eligible for a bowl game. I have found that I have little interest in 7-5 or 6-6 teams competing. But this is not about what I think, its about following the money.

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I get it if no one else is interested in Buffalo vs Charlotte. I love it.


I kind of miss the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl.

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One problem is see with this is due to schedule there are many 6-6 teams from top conferences that are much better teams than an 11-1 team from a conference down the line. Imagine an 11-1 Idaho State being considered better than a 6-6 SEC team. The only solution is levels like High Schools. The top level teams should only be compared with similar teams. There are at least two other levels that should only be compared to teams in that level. High Schools can do it why not colleges? I think a playoff of say G5 teams would make money and be better received by those schools than competing with Alabama for a national title. Do you think the 5A champ and the 4A champ in Utah high school football are not proud of their championship and feel left out of 6A?

The explosion of post season bowl games almost feels like something Oprah did. :wink:

Ok, kidding. Seriously though the proliferation is so totally driven by TV and the almighty dollar that here we are with a middle of the road P5 with a 6-6 records playing in a bowl game in freaking Idaho in mid December. The scary part…TV is getting eyes on TV’s actually watching the game. Honestly, most of the games suck; but the proponents will point to the extra practices and the trip as good for the development of players. At least in the PAC 12 our schools don’t eat the costs of attending bowl games like they do in other conferences. It wasn’t that many years ago it cost Michigan several million to play a Rose Bowl - even after getting its bowl payout.

At some point the viewing public will have enough, until then…here we go.

For me it’s perfect because it’s the holidays and awkward family get togethers are at least made better with Bowl games. It gives the men and some women a game to watch. Also, half the teams get to end the season with a win and a trophy. Belk Bowl Champs Baby!


Wait no Bad Boy Mowers Bowl anymore? The Guaranteed Rate Bowl should be great. And LendingTree.

Wait. When did the Vegas Bowl become an SEC vs PAC 12 bowl?

When it is now played in the new Raiders stadium and not the UnlV stadium.

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It’s great that the Vegas Bowl is no longer being held in mid-December. That was one of the other things that screamed “small time”.

Nice! Yeah I guess you can attract a better matchup with better stadiums.

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its still real to me


The Holiday Bowl Is Still Real To Me!