It's game day! go utes!


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Snow in the high elevations getting down to almost 6000 feet potentially tomorrow. It is going to be cold tonight - dress to stay dry and warm!

From the Rice Eccles FB page:

:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:Weather radar indicates a storm is approaching and will be in place during the Utah Football vs Washington St. game. Conditions are favorable for heavy rains, AND POSSIBLY high winds and lightning. If a game suspension occurs, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO EXIT THE STADIUM AND SEEK SHELTER IN NEARBY CAMPUS BUILDINGS OR RETURN TO YOUR CARS UNTIL THE DELAY IS LIFTED. PLEASE KEEP YOUR TICKET STUB FOR TODAY’S GAME TO BE USED FOR RE-ENTRY. STADIUM RULES, INCLUDING PROHIBITED ITEMS WILL REMAIN IN EFFECT. Instructions will be provided over the PA and video screens. We’ll provide additional information as we receive it.:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:

Ugh. Have we had an evacuation for game suspension before? Will nearby buildings even be open?

Spotted this at the fashion place mall just now. I was a little bit surprised, but delighted.

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Viva los Utes!

que es un ute

Be safe. Take care.
Go Utes!