It has been one year since Lauren McCluskey was murdered, a victim of domestic abuse

In that time since, someone very close to me was sexually assaulted on campus. I will admit that the things the U has done to address this problem have been insufficient and they need to do much more. It sickens me to think of what so many women have to endure and I believe that we should do everything in our power to help them be safe, particularly when it comes to my alma mater.

May I suggest, in memory of Lauren that you donate to the foundation set up and operated by her family that fights for campus safety among other things.

I’m not sure I agree that the Us response is insufficient. They implemented all the recommendations from two different expert panels some issues are systemic, like training and coordination that takes time to fix. They’ve removed both the investigator that failed to respond to her complaint and the manager. Don’t know what else you want them to do?


Sad experience in my life that has put me in contact with victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault might give a different perspective. It is a crime that victimizes the victim many times over through the process of justice.

So, simply ticking off boxes based off of recommendations is good, but it can be better. To perhaps illustrate this further without giving out too much information maybe I can explain that victim who is close to me’s recent experience of being assaulted on campus. As mentioned the process for her to report is extremely difficult for a victim (it is by nature) and when she did seek some help someone who should have been her advocate suggested that she meet with the perpetrator for some mediation and to discuss what really happened.

I hope it is obvious why that is a bad idea and a terrible response.

That is just one point in a list of many. But what becomes evident through that is that training for people at the U is still woefully inadequate. Because of that she opted not to pursue further action for fear of further trauma she might experience and the perpetrator continues to walk free.

That got complicated further by the U’s response to the lawsuit by the McCluskey family. On one level I get it and their need to protect the institution as a whole, but for her and other victims it seemed to be a clear signal how they would be treated were they to come forward.

Regardless of that, in almost all instances we CAN and SHOULD do better, and the U needs to signal that they aren’t just taking recommendations but proactively making the campus a safe place for women and for victims of abuse and sexual assault.


What. The. Actual. ■■■■.


I wish I was kidding. I also wish I could give more details, but in interest of her safety and confidentiality it is not my story to tell.

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That is catastrophically stupid and that person should be immediately removed from their position.


I’ve never understood the need for Universities to have their own police force? Having the U and BYU under the jurisdiction of the cities where they reside would seem to have alleviated a lot of problems over the past few years.


Men need to think more and act better.
I cannot imagine why this guy’s PO didn’t cuff him. I think our police dropped the ball. The university can still turn this into a role model for all.

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It’s a coverage issue. Local police simply don’t have the resources to provide what should be more complete coversge

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That is a weak excuse. The University could easily use the resources they currently utilize in having their own police force toward contracting with SLCPD to supply a precinct on campus. They could have the same coverage and access to the full benefits of SLCPD jurisdiction beyond campus. The current situation is all about maintaining their own fiefdom.


If i was President of the university I would disband the campus police and contract with SLCPD then put a preciinct right on the campus. Let them worry about the infrastructure and their marching orders are to make the campus a safe place . No campus oversight hiding issues.

having once worked on campus the biggest issue on campus is fifedem building and siloing. Vivian Lee being a prime example. Stops alot of progress that could be made.


Still seems like primarily an education and mental health thing, to me. Police can’t do much until something happens, and even then there are things like due process and innocent until proven guilty. And for good reason.

I don’t see how police can prevent things like this. That’s not really their role anyway.

But once an accusation is made… there is something wrong if those paid to serve and protect are spending time collecting cash from people going too fast or driving with a blinker light burned out instead of helping to investigate serious things like sexual assault.

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I live in an area that uses police not from the local area. Every law enforcement official I’ve talked to is aghast at the lack of coverage in our area given the threat. Salt Lake already has numerous areas that are higher risk areas than the University. So SLC would say thank you very much for the infusion of cash and redeploy those assets to higher threat areas, that’s how it works. There is a reason so many municipalities are pulling out of the Unified Police Force. So no not lame, just reality.

Actually that is not how it works. The University wouldn’t just hand the SLCPD a bunch of cash they would enter into a CONTRACT which would stipulate the coverage they required for campus including operating a precinct on campus. That way they couldn’t just redeploy resources elsewhere. This is a model used in a number of post secondary institutions (including 2 I attended in Canada) and it works great. It eliminates the jurisdictional fiefdom that currently exists on campus where the SLCPD can’t step in without UUPD giving permission. The other model which works well is to sign an inter-operation agreement whereby the SLCPD and UUPD can operate to follow up on crime that originates in one jurisdiction but perpetrator moves to the other.

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Regarding the lawsuit, the university is not calling the shots as to defenses asserted, the attorney general’s office is, and I assume they are filing motions to dismiss, etc., not just to protect the U as they see it, but to protect all educational institutions in Utah as they see it.

Also, most universities do not want local police on their campuses, but want to handle their own security because there is a history nationwide of local police forces being overbearing on college campuses (e.g., breaking into dorm rooms looking for drugs, etc.). not good for town-gown relations.

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I should say, I am not disputing the reasoning behind fighting the lawsuit I am just saying that with this one victim I know, and certainly others, it was a signal to them that the U was on their side in word only. I don’t pretend to understand the issues and emotional challenges of someone in her situation I can only empathize with how she is feeling. For her it seemed loud and clear.