Is the coaching staff accountable?

The coaches didn’t make the mistakes, the players did. But, but…

The team wasn’t ready. The d-line didn’t even resemble the one we watched all season. The DBs got beaten again and again. Fotu was actually blown off the line, resulting in an up-the-gut long TD run. Unprecedented and just shocking.

The o-line has never been stellar but during the season they were good enough for us to dominate team after team. Last night they hardly even showed up. Huntley was sacked 6 times. At the end the entire o-line was standing there watching Tyler under a pile of Oregon tacklers. A sickening sight that I can’t unsee.

The team let everyone down — their fans, their supporters in the media, the PAC-12, themselves. It was a dark night for the program, with a loss that will hang over us for a long time.

So it’s a fair question: How on earth were they allowed to show up for a game this important so unprepared mentally and emotionally? Looking like they didn’t come to play, against an opponent that clearly did? Why were Harding, Scalley, Shah, Ludwig and Whitt surprised and dismayed that almost the entire team laid an egg and embarrassed themselves (and the entire fan base)? Isn’t it the coaching staff’s job to have the team ready to play a game like this?

I’m not calling for anyone to be fired, nothing like that. But man, don’t the coaches have a lot to answer for?

The sad part, as my friend from Atlanta pointed out in his closing text, that was just the second time they have seen Utah on TV back East. He said “You almost had me convinced that Utah, Huntley and Moss were for real…” I shut him down and told him to go to bed. He’s a SEC wonk.

The Finebaum effect is real. Last night was the PAC 12 and Utah’s Chance to show they belong in the National CFP discussion and they just ■■■■ the bed. No other way to describe it.

My pumpkin coach to the airport arrived at 5:20 am. Several other somber Utah fans waiting for their Pumpkin coach. No glass football for us.

Foot surgery was delayed until Tuesday, so I could attend this game. There’s never a good time for surgery, but ■■■■ it, I’ll deal.


Over the years, the Utes have mostly been able to beat the teams they were expected to beat. They have also learned to use the underdog chip on their shoulder to on occasion beat better teams. Learning to win when you are the hunted is a different deal and has not happened. I don’t agree with your premise that the Utes were unprepared mentally or emotionally. From my time with the program, I can tell you that there was one game where the Utes were as focused and prepared more than any other time and they went out and got spanked by TCU. The other time was after the Utes lost their first ever PAC 12 game and played at BYU the following week. I never saw such a depressed, uninspired week of practice and the Utes went out and killed them.

Little things can really impact how a game plays out. I believe that not making the 4th down on the first drive of the game did two things - give Oregon confidence and cause Utah to doubt. Even after that, the Utes came back from 20-0 to trail 23-15. I truly believed at that points that the Utes were going to win, but alas I was wrong.

I cannot comment on the two long TD runs because being at the game does not allow you to see which player did not fill that gap, whether it was because he was blocked or because he did not go where he was supposed to go.

This was not the way we envisioned this season ending, and at the end of the day the Utes did not prevail.

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