Is it just me, or is the site shutting down periodically

At times it fails to come up.

i blame the Russians.


In a recent “COVID-19 Discussion (No Politics)” poll, it was unanimously agreed that the site should be vaccinated, so as to minimize the virtual spread of the Delta variant.

As a result. the site was recently given the second Moderna Shot and is now fully vaccinated. What you’re experiencing is the unpredictable effect of the site being under the control of the Bill Gates Tracker.

In the end, it’s well worth it, but @RockerUte is going to be very busy trying to mitigate the impact of the Tracker.

We can be supportive by doing two things:

  1. getting vaccinated ourselves, (the board is running out of patience, we all know which of you has not yet been vaccinated!)
  2. increasing your financial support for the site.

I just made my donation :slight_smile:


It actually is just you, @salUTE. Once a week we pick one member at random and cut off access. It’s just that we’ve been picking you a lot lately. Don’t worry–after a few days we’ll get tired of bugging you and will move on to someone else. I’m thinking @Steggys_Mixtapes might be kind of fun. :smiling_imp:


So, back to the original question, is the site shutting down periodically?

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We seem to be having brief shutdowns at random intervals. @RockerUte is working on it.


Trolls under the bridge. Since @NewbombTurk brought it up, I’m looking at him as the cause. You know, like revisiting the crime scene. :rofl:


Not just just you. I get 504 and 502 errors every so often. I haven’t noticed a pattern, aside from the 2 errors.

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Site has been down for a week for me. I thought it went away. :disappointed:

It’s a feature - it means you spend too much time here.

Actually had a few denial of service attacks on the site from our friends in Romania - either that or that country has suddenly become HUGE into Utah sports and half-witted political banter.


BYU - Bucharest!


I thought I’d been kicked off the site again. It shut down right after I made a post. :joy:

A- I’ve heard rumor that’s been an issue for you for a while
B- Are you sure the site is fine and you’re dozing off while it’s loading?


I can neither confirm or deny

I haven’t had any trouble getting on this site at all. What conclusion should I draw from this?

If it helps troubleshoot, I’ve been getting this error for the past hour or so today.

This usually happens once or twice a day over the past few weeks.


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Got a new one today to go with the 502 and 504 errors, a 522 error. I had to wonder if it was another DDoS on UF.N. I didn’t look, but it makes sense for the errors. It doesn’t make sense because UF.N is a relatively small site, so why do one?

Sorry, guys. It usually happens when I do a post that is 100% :fire:


We are still getting DDoS attacks on the site and Cloudflare is trying to do its job. I just added a rule that if you are accessing the site out of the US you need to fill out a captcha first so hopefully that’ll resolve most of it - unfortunately the huge BYU Chinese fan base won’t be able to see how jealous we really are of them quite as easily.