Is it... game day?

Yes!!! Finally, even if I have to stay up all night to watch it!!!


We’ve been playing midnight football for a decade and NOW you comment about it. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


lol, sorta yeah. Mrs.CCU will probably crash about halftime. She usually does on these late games.

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From The Athletic:

USC (-3) at Utah • 7:30 p.m. • ESPN • (o/u 58)

The Trojans have a pair of narrow victories but are 0-2 against the spread and didn’t come close to covering in either game. How foolish would it be to turn right around and predict a comfortable USC cover, then, in this late-night road matchup? I think it’s more likely that Kedon Slovis and the Trojans’ talented skill players figure out how to score inside the 20-yard line than it is Utah will win its season opener against a team that has already played twice.

Prediction: USC 31, Utah 24 (under)

I’ll believe it when the game starts. Until then, I’m dubious

Yes it is!!! :smiley:

A 4 game season is better than no season at all! Super excited to watch some football I actually care about again.


The biggest variable is how many players will be out. If SC has a few key players out, this could negate the advantage of having played twice, somewhat.

USC will try to exploit our secondary. I wonder if Scalley dials up pressure on Slovis early to disrupt this strategy. Are Ritchie & Davis up to filling the gaps opened by Lloyd & Sewell blitzing?

They haven’t seen our offense. KW is right that the offense will need to carry the defense, early.

Mostly at the end of the game I want our secondary to start thinking they can play at this level, instead of Shah & Scalley having to become psychologists. The mental toughness of Phillips I think will make a difference and hopefully radiate through the CBs & NBs.

After seeing Slovis play so far this year…, something’s off. I don’t want him hurt. I want to test his arm. He is not throwing the ball well. I do the BYU defense and drop 7-8 and make Slovis make perfect throws to beat us.

Heard that USC coaches have had him change his throwing mechanics this year… doesn’t seem to be a positive change.

With so much practice time, I wonder how much of the full suite of coverage schemes Shah & Scalley have installed. They should be able to offer different looks, beyond the basic man schemes we’d normally have true freshmen playing.

I think we want our guys to get plenty of man coverage against their talented WRs - but we shouldn’t be tied to just the basics.

Everything changes when the lights go on and the ball flies on kickoff, but we’ve done game prep for 3 opponents with different offenses, so we should be further along mentally than if we were playing Northern Illinois in September.

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I watched USC play last weekend. Slovis was throwing wobbly passes. It was clear he had some kind of injury that was affecting his throwing motion (shoulder? finger? arm? ribs? oblique?). Since we don’t know the exact injury, we can’t guess if it will carry over to today.

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I know people have asked this a hundred times before, and I never paid much attention to the answer because it never affected me.

Now it does today.

What is the best way to watch the game tonight if I have nothing but the web to utilize? No satellite, no cable, no Buffalo Wild Wings, etc.

You could sign up for a streaming service.

Just restarted SlingTV here. We’ll keep it thru football season, then nix it for awhile. Sling is good for us for that reason. Plus it’s super easy to change packages, add stuff, take stuff off. Worth looking into.

Some sad sack with no friends tends to come on the forum and provide a link to a stream each week of the season.

He’ll probably be posting within the next few hours, I bet =).


I just heard Bill Riley advertising essential oils. When do I wake of from this weird dream?

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That guy is the WORST! :wink:

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Pretty crazy to see the lights on at RES and not be there.