Is it bad that I hope Allen transfers or goes pro? I just really want this season to go badly for coach


I was excited about what this year might bring until our coach let one of the best recruits we have ever had slip through his fingers. The allegations that Pope has tampered in some illegal way are unsubstantiated. This kid left of his own free will and choice, and if the program wasn’t a dumpster fire he would have stayed.

I read that Harlan granted Lohner’s release despite our excuse for a coach refusing to sign it. Good for Harlan. That shows me that he is patiently awaiting the time when he can finally let Larry go. That time can’t possibly come soon enough.

Is it bad to have an opinion? No. I’m not sure if I’m in the same boat as you are, but I do expect LK to be fired within the next couple of seasons. For the same reasons that we’ve all been bitching about: transfers, lack of improvement in the program (ie no tourney bids in a what seems like forever), loss of attendance. I would like the program to succeed under LK, just like I did with Giac and Boylen, but we’ve really just been treading water for 10 years to so, at least since joining the PAC.

I don’t expect the U to become a basketball school again, but I do expect it to be top 1/3 of the PAC 12 because of our BBall history. Who knows maybe with the potential and, I suspect probable blowback from Scalley’s mistake we may become a BBall school again.

Bitter much?

Bitter indeed. If the news of Lohner wanting out had come a week earlier I probably wouldn’t be so ticked.

Two weeks ago I was in the wait and see camp in terms of the Larry k coaching situation. I was excited to see what Lohner and co could do for Utah.

Now I have zero hope for the future of the team which I’m sure is an overreaction, but I don’t care anymore. I just ant him gone. Hell, pay him his salary and make him stay home. I’m sure Connor would be infinitely better as an in game coach.

My problem with him was mostly the in game X’s and O’s. I think there are at least a couple thousand guys on the planet that can coach better than him. He is TERRIBLE as an in game coach. Can’t draw up a play to save his life, can’t beat a press, can’t coach up his guys. Can’t get his players into their offensive sets with time to spare on the shot clock… I could keep going. His thing in the NBA was his grit and nastiness. Why does that not show in games that he coaches? The only time that comes out is when he is screaming at officials, and by then it’s usually too little too late.

Honestly the team would be better off if they didn’t have a coach at all. I bet every player on our team could draw up more effective plays.

Even with an NBA caliber point guard he still couldn’t figure out Oregon’s press. It’s an absolute joke. Any HS coach in the world could tell their players exactly how to beat it.

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