"Intrastate" Team (Last Night) Against Zona Discussion

I don’t have the ability to make this an open chat, but I’ll probably watch the game tonight to try to get a feeling for TDS in comparison to two nights ago’s game.
I’m not a football wonk, but I really enjoy reading more knowledgeable football aficionado’s discussing pros and cons of various teams’ offense, defense special teams etc…
Anyone else watching tonight or are we going to pretend we don’t care…?

They play tomorrow (Saturday).


That’s hysterical. :joy:
I’m an imbecile.
Maybe we can start really, really early.
Asking for a friend…

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what has happened to David Shaw and Stanford football?

Ten years ago he could have landed a number of NFL jobs


You hate to see it. He already pre-emptively made his excuses for this game by whining about the kick off time.

I want a scoreboard app that will let me swipe left/right. I can filter by conference or filter by AP poll, but I want to go down the list of games and decide which to follow. Work on it, software geeks.

Tulane has the 2nd best helmet in football after SDSU’s aztec calendar. Go Wave!

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Not to pick, but it should be, “Intrastate team.”


And now Fresno is tied with Oregon. P12 not looking that impressive so far.

Good question. Stanford has fallen off, clearly. Maybe it’s the wealth and academics rubbing off on the players, who are already looking toward their post-football lives? I think Cal has definitely improved, so that rivalry game could be good.

Tied, but Fresno has dominated the stat sheet. Oregon gonna get wrecked next week vs Ohio State. The all-everything DE is hurt too.


@HoopUte Thank you.
There’s not a lot on this thread that displays “intranet” competence…


Thank you! You said what I have been thinking ever since Whittingham’s comment. My inner-pedant is now satisfied.

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This Oregon QB looks awful. Can’t go far without that position.


I just walked into Table-X (to get their most excellent sourdough bread) and the young woman at the counter sporting Oregon gear said the same thing.

Oh my:


The Rajun Cajuns need a better logo. I’m thinking Crawfish something.

Georgia might just win this.
I hope so.

ESPN has BYU as an 80% chance to win.

I think Arizona is a mess. I won’t be surprised with a BYU win. But I’m not sure it will show how good they really are. But I think you can say the same for Utah’s game as well.

Washington down to Montana in the 4th quarter.

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