Interesting Wilner piece on the future of College Football Conferences

It only confitms my suspicion that the millenials will be the death of all thing good.

Oh give me a break. Stop blaming “those damn kids” or whatever. People have been figuratively ■■■■■■■■ on younger generations since the dawn of time. If there is anyone to blame, look at the parents.


Hey I’m old enough, “those damn kids” includes the parents. But the article indicates that the movement to streaming is driving most of those changes, which certainly isn’t my generation.

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Your generation was too busy redlining blacks out of home ownership, allowing our infrastructure to crumble, inviting evangelicals and corporations into government circles, and destroying our environment with your lifestyles of excess. Greatest generation my balls.


Hmmm. The greatest generation are all in their 90s so I don’t think you have ‘72 pegged. Try the baby boomers. I’m one of those and we have done our share to to ruin some good things. But WRT your post, I think collective responsibility is still a discredited idea.


It’s funny, I was just thinking if we had the ability to exhume the remains of the generation prior to his the first thing they’d say is is that his generation ruined everything, and to let them go back to sleep. :joy:

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Actually, I’m pretty sure you ruined everything.


If you’re talking about the Baby Boomers, I would like to say that if we really ruined everything, we did it with style.

No, I was referring to @redrumu, but I can spread the blame if you’d like.

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For forever each generation looks to change. Bad things that have been accepted reach a tipping point and are reversed, many examples of this. Still, great things of success that have been built have been taken for granted and are reversed, many examples of this also. As a result, the overwhelming need for change takes us thru positive and negative change. As each generation looks to make a change they are bombarded by good ideas as well as ideas that demonize the positive building blocks of society and give praise to principals that have been proven wrong previously. Ultimately, the decisions and accomplishments of each generation will be judged by the following generation.
The ‘greatest generation’ had to make some changes to improve race relations for the better but lost on many was the fact that they had improved race relations to a level of improvement better than any time on earth before the civil rights movement. Still so much more was needed and still is but I see an arrow that has been pointing up improving each generation for the history of our nation. Would it be nice to improve faster, yes but it is us that need to improve faster.
The ‘greatest generation’ had the huge advantage of a much smaller population. With 2B folks on earth, the consumption of resources and creation of waste was much easier to manage. The current condition with 7.7 B folks has demonstrated how hard the same things are to manage. The generation that gets to manage peak population soon will manage the same things in an environment of intense difficulty and may envy most generations that preceded them.

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I burn everything with fire and Santa Maria spices. You love it!


The original post was somewhat tongue in cheek. But my take aways from the piece are: 1) streaming is creating a world where there may not be a very big demand for content based on population models. (This is where my dig at the millenials and later generations comes from, that is the generations where streaming is king. Older generation are more reliant on previous models or over the air and cable/sattelite content). 2) This change means we’ll see less drive to consolidate into larger conferences based on the population a school can bring to the table and more reliance on creating models that will rely on streaming, and therefore may lead to more traditional schools coalescing into groups to take advantage of that content.

His straw man has one major flaw in that he supposes that USC would be the only school within the PAC that has the cache to join with the newer big boy model. It seems unlikely that schools like Alabama or even Texas would partner with only USC and add bring in that much additional travel for the opportunity to grab only one member. It seems more likely that regional models will still apply and that would work in favor of the PAC keeping control over their own network.

I still use a library. From that catalog, I check out music in the form of a CD. If I like the title, I’ll purchase the record or CD depending on what’s available. I do not stream music, I’m more of a vinyl guy. So I say to the librarian when one of my holds was canceled since the library could not find the physical copy, that there is a lot of great classical and jazz titles coming out that would be terrific additions to the library. She launched into how vinyl was growing but CDs are not. Adding that the library was not getting into vinyl. Then she said that the “streaming generation was killing CDs”, they are in the library a “dying collection.” I understood your point. Who moved my cheese?

Education for us Boomers:

I’m Gen X and I literally only have a dish subscription for sports, and am constantly on the lookout for the exit door because as soon as I can be confident that I can stream all Utah and Vikings games I’m done with ‘cable/satellite’.

Gen X. Millenials same thing.

GenX is sandwiched between the two worst generations in the history of mankind. We’re the only ones keeping the planet together at this point. It is indisputable fact. The same is true for my graduating class of high school and the year ahead and the year behind us. Remarkable how awful everyone else is.




Isn’t GenX responsible for Facebook and Twitter. Yea we ruined the planet.