Interesting CFP breakdown by SI writer

I get they have them ahead of Auburn. That said, Auburn’s losses are to three top 10 teams. Brutal schedule for the Tigers. I just don’t buy the Ducks right now. I however am all in on Utes being in the 4. Over all 1 loss teams.


Yes, Auburn’s SOS is #1 in Sagarin. Brutal schedule for sure. I just don’t think they have a great team. They have a good defense that has kept them in their tough games, and their offense has struggled against everyone except the really really bad SEC teams. How did the bottom of the SEC get to be so bad this season?

There is help available. Maybe you could start by consulting your own fan base?

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Problem is Oregon looked like Texas A&M on both sides of the ball against Auburn.

What fun is talking to your own fan base only?


Clemson up 24-3 over and At half. A big win might knock out ND and allow AM or Cincy to sneak in. Trevor Lawrence is a once in a generation player.

That’s really the last bit of intrigue. How badly would ND have to lose to lose their spot?

A&M lost badly to Bama, and their best win is Georgia
ND would have lost badly to Clemson, but their best win is Clemson. Their resume is better in general.

I wonder if the committee would take into consideration that their Clemson win is without Trevor Laurence.

A&M beat UF but your point stands. Coastal Carolina with two top 25 wins and being undefeated has a better resume than Ohio State but let’s be honest, it’s about ratings. This is that one year that the BCS probably is all that was needed.

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Yep. I think they give it to A&M because of this.

A&M has been so unimpressive all year. ND has been impressive most of the year, but they really were bad today. Let’s see if Cincy can play their way in tonight.


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