In move from quarterback to running back, Ja'Quinden Jackson has 'found my

Excellent! Glad for him and the team. I also wouldn’t mind seeing him line up in some of Kuithe’s positions.


Remember this - JJ wasn’t exactly a bad thrower at QB,

It’s not like the Chase Hansen situation, Ja’Quinden can throw the ball really well.

This opens up all kinds of possibilities. He could be the best passing WR in history, according to ESPN. :wink:


I can see JJ doing what Kordell Stewart did with the Steelers…become the Slash!


If he can learn it, what Utah’s offense could open up to being would give DC’s throughout the league nightmares.

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Give him the carries. For only two days practice the guy stood out back there. 230 and moves that well? Sheesh.


Seems like a nice young man and I always felt he was too talented to keep parked on the bench.


Let’s pump the brakes a little bit. It’s only been one game with this new wrinkle. Let’s see what happens when teams start scouting him.

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Let’s also see if he remembers how to be patient and hit the gaps. His raw athleticism is amazimg, but he can’t do it all himself. He still is #4 behind Thomas (who seems to need to get in shape), Bernard, and Glover. And as coach said, his blocking will need to come along. But it is nice to have some options and wrinkles possible with further practice and development. Glad he’s embracing the opportunity to help the team - that attitude and work ethic goes a long way in team morale and culture.