In case anyone has forgotten how long Utah Football has been a big deal

The team in Oct. of 1904, with the some of the original hand full of buildings on present day Presidents Circle in the background:

The team, in Oct. of 1907, on the original formal football field which was north of where the Einar Nielsen Fieldhouse was later constructed:

The team in 1928, in the “New” Ute Stadium which opened in 1927, eventually became Rice Stadium, and was replaced in 1998 by Rice Eccles Stadium (there was no Bar or Restaurant, my old time relatives (who are all long gone now) took their libations in a flask, and hors d’oeuvres in a paper bag).

Doesn’t everybody take their libations in a flash?

Just watch out for those who’s libations cause them to flash. Like seriously, watch out.

Having cooked with libations that flash, I don’t really recommend taking them in a flash. It can cause internal burns. :wink:

That said, I know of a few folks who liked to bring them in a flask.

I used to carry mine in a bota bag. Others carried fermented grape elixirs in Mylar bags that doubled as beach balls after they were emptied. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

It was an Old Rice Stadium student section thing to do. :wink:

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