I'm seeing a lot of pearl clutching on other Ute social media that this is a trap game... it is not

Of course we can lose any game, it is why we play it. But I really believe that the USC game was an awakening and a critical turning point for the team. We will have rough games ahead, this should not be one of them.

The Beavs are bad and their style of play will get destroyed by the Utes discipline and physicality. I watched some of the UCLA/OSU game and going from watching the Utes play versus that game - it was like watching different leagues almost.

I’m not one to make bold predictions, and my lifelong Ute fandom has taught me that we’ll choke when we shouldn’t… but that isn’t this game. Utah wins this one comfortably - Jason Shelley shines from midway through the 3rd quarter on while Huntley and Moss get some R&R on the sidelines in prep for the following week.

I hope you’re right. It would be great to have a breather in the second half.

I think the next really tough game is ASU even though it is at home.

Totally agree. ASU is always tough, but I am feeling optimistic that we have had our brain fart for the season and we give them a tough game.

Oh and we got the Beavs. A good school and a bunch of tough players, but no contest.

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I don’t think you can call losing to USC a brain fart. We may or may not be a better team than USC, and we certainly blew that game in multiple ways, but they clearly have more talent and ability than we do on the lines. They were in Huntley’s face all night, and we barely put any pressure on Fink.


The Church Academy beat them; we are better than them this year.

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