I'm not gonna lie. I'm worried about this game

Probably it’s all the hype given to Utah and whether they should be in the CFP. It’s like Oregon is an afterthought. None of the “good stuff” happens if we lose.

I will admit that I get really nervous about every game (except the Idaho State type games).

It’s what makes it worth watching. If we knew the outcomes were predetermined why would we bother?

It’s going to be fun. Buckle up!


The more I hear radio, read twitter, and bbs acting as if a win has basically happened, the less comfortable I am.

I hope the teams is razor focused and ignores all the distractions. Duck are very good, and the weather is a wildcard. I expect a lower scoring game that could be decided by a slip on the turf, not unlike last year.


The biggest prize tonight is who gets to carry the Pac-12 championship trophy off the field. Something available to each team, and something our team has been after since they watched the Huskies take it home last year and something about half a dozen players delayed their departure to the NFL to get this year. Our team will definitely be focused on that prize tonight (as will the Ducks of course).

In a few days, should we win, we’ll then see if we go to Pasadena or the CFP.


I’m as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.


My brother talked to Javelin Guidry’s parents in the hotel lobby. His father said “we got this.”


I’m nervous too but you just have to filter out the idiots like Paul Finebaum, Brady Quinn, etc. They aren’t as good as Washington was last year and without Moss and Huntley and the freak INT, we were still in it. We are much better this year and we have the fire within us. They have to be doubting themselves after ASU. I’m with Guidry’s father. Go Utes!!


I’m not going to lie. I’m not worried about this game.


I am gonna lie. I’m nervous as hell!


Teach me your ways.

Historically, I’m never comfortable about any Ute football game. To many surprise endings in the 50 or so years I’ve been watching them.

However, I’m feeling strangely confident in this one.

In fact, I’ve felt strangely confident beginning with the Washington game, and every game since.

It is the fact that there are so many difference makers in this group, who gave up so much to come back and “finish” this business, that I just cannot see them somehow letting Oregon get in their way.

Oregon is a very good team, and this game will not likely be easy, and probably not be as one-sided as many of our recent games have been. But even if we are down early, or Oregon stays close late into the contest, just like the Washington game, I believe those players and leaders who returned to change the outcome of THIS GAME, will find a way to win no matter what.

The weather may or may not favor Utah, but again, if they struggle due to weather, they will preserver.

Remember, they have won every game since the surprise defeat to USC. We are all feeling like this is a huge game, but to them, every game since USC was just as huge - had they failed in any of them, USC would be playing today, and they knew it.

I have no idea what will happen after this game, but I just don’t feel like there is any way that the Ute players who returned this year, foregoing fabulous opportunities to get back to and win this game, and the teammates who all know they returned to do so, will let this somehow slip away now.



A-freakin-men! We’re getting so much hype. Oregon is a damned good team and took USC to the woodshed. Whom we lost to. If we don’t bring our A-game tonight it’s likely we’ll lose and this dream season will come to a screeching halt! I don’t care if it’s by one stinking point … just win baby! Go Utes!!!


Of course things can happen but this team is so mature in its leadership, masterful execution and just sound and physical play. Oregon is a team that certainly can beat us but I think these guys are playing with a chip on their shoulder, with great purpose and an uncommon focus. Short answer is I have faith in these guys.

Also, I used to get too spun up about these games. Life circumstances has forced me to put a lot in perspective and so I find myself in a sweet spot of being able to relish the wins and not sweating the losses.

In this case there has never been more at stake for Utah Football, particularly because if we win convincingly we can be in the CFP but if we lose we honestly could be in the Alamo Bowl. I know of no other team who has such a wide swing in possibilities. So yes, I definitely want a win and will be absolutely thrilled if they do. Yet the only disappointment I can feel this season if we do lose is for how the team would feel. They have exceeded all my expectations this year by a large margin and will always been one of my very favorite Utah teams in all sports.

So from that vantage point, it is all good. I honestly believe 2019 Utah Football wants this win more than they want to breathe. I think this game will be close the first two quarters but then eventually Utah’s physical dominance will win the day. Bring on the CFP.

(Also I’m wearing the right shirt, my policy of taking it two games at a time has resulted in 0 losses for the Utes since I adopted it, and I’ve been utterly useless at work today - all great signs things will be just fine.)


I expect nothing. I predict nothing, except that the Utes will leave everything they have out on that field. I believe that will be enough. And I’ll love this team no matter what happens.


I just enjoy going to the games. Loads of fun. My life does not change if they win or lose. Enjoy the ride.

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I just want everybody to have a good time.


Pffft… like you’re ever useful at work…

True, but while I’ve not been useful at work, the Utes have been winning. Also, since I’ve done all of those things my neighborhood has been virtually free of bear attacks. You connect the dots.

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That’s specious reasoning.

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Like I’ve said, respect the process.

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