I'm calling it here, USC loses to both Oregon and ASU

We of course need to win out, but I think USC is extremely suspect on the road. That loss still kills me.

I’ve been saying this for weeks. USC is very inconsistent this year and they just suffered a slew of injuries. I would not even be surprised if they lose @ Colorado on Friday.

Have you seen Colorad9 this year?


More like Coloradnone, amiright?

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Buffs beat Nebraska and won in Tempe. And they are probably eager to finally beat USC.


I’m with you 100% on that. Some friends and I were discussing the exact same thing at lunch.


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Same way the term ‘blimp on the radar’ came to be. A fan of that team came in here waxing poetically about how amazing CU was and how they would own Utah now that we are in the same conference, and then made that typo.

‘Blimp on the radar’ came from a byu fan iirc.

Good stuff.


U$C at home has been world beaters.

On the road…not so much.

I will not be surprised if they tank the game this Saturday in Boulder to Ralphie.

There was something else he messed up with Colorad9 but I can’t remember what it is now.

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I will never, EVER, buy any hype about Colorad9 ever again. I like the program, love the school and the town, and have a lot of respect for the coaching staff and many of the players. But they will not be a winning team for a while yet to come.

I think Oregon will knock off USC (praying for it), and there is a chance ASU will do it too (not too likely). Cal might do it if they get Chase Garbers back. We desperately need USC to fumble fart their way into a few losses.


Wish we bested them at home.