I'm admittedly a nerd for all things college football - PAC12 stadiums video

The stadiums in the video were all very beautiful but the commentary on the video was blah.

Not to hijack your thread but how many of those stadiums have you actually been inside of? Three for me… U of A, ASU & res

this guy is an Australian that does all sorts of videos of stadiums in the world. He even does AAA and AA baseball ones.

I have been to four: UA’s, ASU, RES, Stanford


Been to ASU, U of A, Colo, UCLA, USC, and RES.

Looking forward to Oregon, OSU, ‘Furd, Cal, and Washington.

Wazzu??? Maybe a push due to awkward travel logistics.

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Been to RES of course well over 100 times, as well as UA (for bowl games against Wazzou and Wisconsin), ASU (Fiesta Bowl and a Pink Floyd show on the PULSE tour), Rose Bowl (for a 1994 World Cup match), and Colorado (for a Paul McCartney show) but ironically have not yet been to a PAC12 road game.

Meanwhile I made a visit Sunday to Rice-Eccles to check out the expansion (not able to get in, just saw the outside) but getting excited for September.

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Been to RES (Obviously), Wazzu, Washington, Oregon, Oregon State, Rose Bowl (but not for a UCLA game yet), USC, Stanford, ASU, (but only for the 2005 Fiesta Bowl).

Every since my son graduated from college and moved to Portland, we’ve been trying to meet for one or two away Ute games every year. We have UCLA, Cal, ASU, AZ, and Colorado left, and will probably do AZ this year. I’m not sure if I ever want to go to an ASU game - can’t stand those fans.

We also may go again to the USC game - I am going to try to be there when we finally a win in that stadium.

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Been to ASU, U of A, Cal, Oregon St, and had RES tickets for decades before moving away. We were gifted our old seats in E35 for the conference opener against WSU this season. Can’t wait to see the renovation and experience a packed RES again.

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He’s done hundreds of stadiums around the world. Go for the quick overview and ones you haven’t seen, stay for the atrocious puns and Aussie worldview.

Been to USC, UCLA, Cal, UA, ASU and RES.

Board mail me please. Our tickets are also in E35 and I’d love to offer a former neighbor a cocktail (alcoholic or non) prior to the game.’
Welcome back!!!

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Need some football. Tired of not having football for essentially two years.


Been to RES and Folsum Field (Dead &Co.) FOLSUM’s a great venue/ cool town with a lovely view of the Flat-Irons from the Club seats.


I really regret not going to that.

Yes, Folsum Field is a great stadium in a great location. I took my family to see the Utes play the Buffs (in 2014 I think) and ran into Keith Vanhorn at the game. He was living in Denver at the time and went to the game with his daughter.

Plus Ralphie is a top college football tradition. Along with The Grove, Toomers Corner, Midnight Yell Practice, Clemson’s & VA Tech’s entrance, Country Roads, Army/Navy to end the season, but the best of all is also the newest…Iowa Wave.

The worst? Calling the Hogs. Makes me wanna choke somebody out.

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Been to Wazzu, Cal, Stanford, UCLA, and Oregon State prior to joining the PAC 12.

Been to ASU, and USC since joining the PAC 12.

Washington, Oregon, and Colorado are on the list. I’m not sure if I ever care about going to Tucson.

Been to Arizona, ASU, UCLA, USC, Stanford, Cal, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, WAZZU, & RES
Going to Oregon State this year to round out the full 12.

I’ve been to RES,UW, UA, ASU, Stanford(Old/New), CAL(Old), USC and UCLA.

Cal, ASU, Oregon, OSU, Washington and RES.