I'll admit it, I LOVE cougarboard

I agree, I go there to get the hyper reactionary hot takes anytime local sports are on. They go crazy on there about all the sports, NBA, MLB, Soccer, etc. I think there are people who live their lives through cougarboard. From how much to spend on a wedding ring, to what’s the best bbq sauce at Arby’s, they are digging in down there. :joy:

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The Prom-posal thread was my favorite.

Oh no, it got deleted. What was the gist of it?


If anyone needs a good laugh, check out CB this morning. They’re desperately trying to convince themselves that Utah isn’t actually very good and doesn’t belong in the CFP playoff discussion.

The mental gymnastics are absolutely hilarious.


And they often say they “don’t care about Utah” yet 50% of their front page is Utah threads at this moment and it gets up to 90% quite often. Occasionally they have a cogent comment which could bring us down to earth but usually the desperation in humorous.