I'll admit it, I LOVE cougarboard

In my morning rounds to find a little humor in my life I’ll hit things like The Onion, r/humor, Babylon Bee and CougarBoard. I go 100% for the humor and I read it like a parody site and when you read it that way it becomes HUGELY entertaining.

It is a bizarre and often disturbing look into a strange subsection of people who have a somewhat shared culture to mine via our common faith… but every once in a while it produces a gem like this that is too good to not share (and I’ll add the responses to the poster are what make this great - and subscribe to the theory I believe started by former UFN poster ColoUte that being bad at sports makes for a funnier fan base).

May I present to you:

BYU is the Prettiest Girl in the Ward >>

I haven’t laughed this hard at the most CougarBoard of CougarBoard posts in a long time.

I would never actually post at CB (and can’t for the life of me understand why any Utah fan would), but I do admit that I find it utterly hilarious to peruse from time to time.

The delusion, self-righeousness, and hypocrisy are really pretty amazing to watch.


They are so weird, I mean, just weird.


I agree, however in this case it is just the poster that is weird - the response from the rest of CB is actually quite hilarious (and surprisingly rational).


That was great. I agree, the first post is a classic, and most of the responses were fairly rational. Lots of them have become philosophical about their place in the sports world. Some seem to be realizing that BYU’s Board of Trustees doesn’t spend any time worrying about how to advance intercollegiate athletics there.


Does Grapevine still post over there? That guy was hilarious. I still don’t know if he was real or some sort of funny troll.

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This is like Beaver Cleaver’s remake of that Wyclef Jean song about the girl that made him hula hoop around the gym, just to get a peek again, she’s a ten.

As a BYU law grad, I recently received and completed an alumni survey that asked a lot of questions about the perception of BYU when compared with other universities (Utah, USU, UVU, UCLA and Notre Dame were the comparisons), what factors into considering whether someplace is a world-class university, whether certain things, like religious instruction, are important for a university, whether athletics are important, etc. Whether BYU is important to Church members, non-Church members. In some ways, the questions appeared to be geared towards a predetermined conclusion, ie BYU is still necessary and important. It will be interesting to see if they ever publish the results.

It was actually Goatnapper, a BYU fan, that first posted the theory on Utefans. ColoUte ran with it from there.

That’s right - we need both of those guys back here at UFN.

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That fan base has always been full of weirdo’s…


I think they forgot about the part that after 1984, the girl got progressively uglier, gained 300 pounds, still tries to get people to like her, currently will take any man that will have anything to do with her, but her true fans still only can see her beauty from back in the day.

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Here is an odd thread:

Just wow

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I’m Catholic and not terribly familiar with the Mormon church, but aren’t missions optional? Do you get a church demerit if you don’t go on one, like a black mark in your file or something?

Is “pined” like “got wood?”

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Hard to answer that one briefly. No, they’re not mandatory, but it’s expected that young men at least aspire to serve a mission. More women are serving than ever. Not everyone can serve — those who are disabled, for example. Seems like more and more BYU athletes are choosing not to go. The idea that being a BYU scholarship athlete is the same as a mission is ludicrous.

That idea has been floated on CB from time-to-time. I learned a ton on my mission, mostly about myself. The idea that a kid should be tempted to not have that experience by giving them mission “credit” for playing sports at BYU seems to miss the point of serving a mission.

It’s actually an old expression I’ve heard all my life. You know, “pining away” for a girlfriend you missed, or pining for home?

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Tons of social pressure, now more than ever. Probably less than half of active males go, and a growing but lesser number of females. Odd thing is about half of the twelve including the prophet didn’t go.

FWIW, the original post has been deleted by the poster. The comments remain, however.