If you haven't seen Parasite, it's a great movie

Very unique. Sort of a drama/thriller.

I liked 1917 a little bit better, but I have no problem with Parasite winning best picture.

That’s great haven’t seen it yet.
I have always enjoyed watching the academy awards.
It’s always worthwhile to indulge for a night in the arts, humanity and witness grace.

Parasite was nuts, in a good way. I think I liked 1917 better as well but I’m fine with Parasite winning.

Did either of the acceptance speeches from Phoenix or Zellwiger make any sense?


I liked some of what Phoenix had to say. He spoke of the importance of second chances and seemed to address the cancel culture, which I liked. I knew he was going to talk about animal rights. Whatever.


He started out strong, I like how it ended quoting his brother but in the middle it was a jumbled mess.


I enjoy watching the Oscars to get ideas for movies to watch. I generally just mute the speeches. I have seen a few of the nominees this year and I have several more I want to see now.

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Occasionally there are really great speeches. It might be an unpopular opinion but I liked a lot of what Phoenix had to say. He reminds me a lot of Brando in his eccentricities.


Parasite was a very good movie. The story is highly original and the acting was great as were the characters. The visuals were stunning. And the visual storytelling was impressive. The plot twists at the end were chilling.

I will also say this is not even Bong Joon Ho’s best movie. Snowpiercer was his best. That movie was incredible.

“Oscars viewership plunges to record lows”

Apparently there is still a meager few diehards that give a damn about watching pontificating blowhards awarding themselves trophies. Somebody please stick a fork in it, put it out of its misery.

I sat down to watch Parasite last night, completely forgetting the Oscars were even on. Was weird to get a notification on my phone midway through the movie that it had won Best Picture.

What an amazing film. Came in knowing nothing but what was in the trailer, and was absolutely blown away. The twists and turns were remarkable, and that ending was just…wow.

Haven’t seen 1917 (I don’t much care for war movies), but can say with confidence that Parasite was easily the best movie I saw from last year.


Watched it today and really liked it. Still liked Once Upon a Time… a little better.

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Phoenix’s did, for the most part. Rene should have just shut it down about halfway through when it was obviously going nowhere fast.

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Or maybe Okja. Another fantastic movie.

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Watched it last night before I saw this thread. I enjoyed it, particularly because it didn’t follow the American movie formula that is basically all movies today. I should also mention that I delayed watching it because I was under the impression it was a horror movie - and I don’t really care for the genre. The preview looks like it could be, but it is not.

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“1917” is not a true war movie in the classIc sense. It’s about two men who are in a war, who have an unusual mission, and it’s amazing. It won the Oscar for best cinematography, and that was well-deserved. No flamethrowers, horrific war wounds, bloody shirts, and so forth. Also, the entire movie was filmed with a single camera. It feels like you’re walking along with the characters wherever they go. You’ll walk out of the movie thinking about it, and you’ll still be thinking about it the next day.