If you are going to the game, will you be wearing a mask?

Will you wear a mask to the game
  • Yes, I’ll wear a mask
  • No, I think I’m fine

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No, I think I’m fine should read - NO, I don’t care about U.


I’m not worried, but civic responsibility indicates wearing in when in close, congested, closed spaces is a good idea; and I will wear one in those places.


This is my plan. Wear my mask as I go in to the stadium, in the restroom, and maybe in my seat depending if the guys next to me show up. I’m not as concerned about spread in the open air. My understanding is that spread mostly occurs while in close -ish contact and moreso indoors. I’m fully vaccinated and in pretty good health so I’m a little less concerned.

While masking in the stadium is optional, worth noting that I believe UTA is still requiring masks on its buses and trains.

I amazes me every day that the concept of masks being used to avoid me inadvertently spreading the virus to others if I don’t know I’m infected v. my mask serving to protect me from others is still not clear to a lot of people after over a year and a half of this.


I’ll be alone in my media room. Wearing proudly a mask! :flushed:

Yes, simple idea, which has been communicated ad nauseum, but even Utah’s Governor (who is much more reasonable than most of the legislative leaders he’s trying to influence) seems unable to grasp this simple concept…

There must be Ute masks available to wear. I need to order some.

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I think he grasps the concept.

The legislature is the problem in Utah.

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Do your part.

^^ This. My mask protects you, and your mask protects me. Although to be fair, certain types of masks (i.e. N95) do provide at least some level of personal protection.

I’m encouraged by the poll results, but then again, UFN has generally been very conscious about these things. My guess is that the results would be very different at some other Utah fan sites.


I’ll wear one when I am inside, or in a close group of people. I don’t care what people around me might think.


I believe this is the latest, Sept 1 CDC guidelines for those vaccinated.


Scheels has nice ones. Two cloth layer with a filter pocket. $8 for two. We ordered them and had them within 2 days.

I thought for a while about sharing this, but we have to skip today’s game because I tested positive for C-19 yesterday. We would have worn masks, but who all would have around us?

My story involves our 10 year old granddaughter who, along with her anti-vaccine mother, tested positive on Monday. The girl had spent the night at our house Saturday. She was probably exposed at school. We went to kind of a soft iso at that point. The girl is moderately sick, her mother is sick as a dog. We decided to get tested as a precaution before the game and because we had a trip planned starting Saturday. I’d had very mild chest congestion and cough that I’d chalked up to smoke in the air. Without getting tested we probably would have carried on as normal, and who knows how many others I could have infected. My symptoms aren’t that bad, kind of like a chest cold, and that’s likely due to being vaccinated.

So, please, just wear the damn mask and, unless there’s really a medical reason you can’t, get vaccinated.


Sorry to hear, I hope this is a mild one for you Hoop, be safe.

Sorry to hear, I hope this is a mild one for you Hoop, be safe.

Sorry to hear, I hope this is a mild one for you Hoop, be safe.

A “Star” for your suggestion. Sorry to hear about your family and the COVID cases. Hoping everyone is well very quickly and that you’re not missing out on too much more of the things you’d rather be doing.