If we could keep other teams off the offensive glass

We could be a real force. We’ve given up 26 offensive boards in the last two games.

Defense wins championships,

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We’ve gone small in crunch time in both conference games. Playing both Mikhail and batten. Don’t see Carlson don’t see thiune… Wonder what the reasoning is.

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Really got killed there when we were in zone this afternoon.

If we have more of an inside presence we win. If they get 5-7 less offensive rebounds we win. They just owned us in the paint. Carlson has a lot of work to do. Looks like Van Komen is a real stiff, which is what I’ve heard since he was in high school.

I was obviously disappointed with the outcome, but I was proud of our effort. I also got to talk to Mike Newlin before the game, which was pretty neat.

That’s cool that you got to talk to Newlin. He was my first Ute hero as a kid.

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Newlin lived in the same dorm I did when I was there.

Very neat guy. He seemed very outgoing and showed a lot of appreciation for the U of U.