If the Utes win and SC loses this weekend, does SC still lead the South?

Seems like this our biggest weekend to date. Probably our most difficult opponent left on the schedule - and rested at that. And SC playing their most difficult remaining opponent. Lordie please let the Utes win the ToeJams puke up an β€œL”.

no, Utah then controls it’s own destiny.

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The leading North team, Oregon, plays the leading South team, SC, in the Coliseum. Given how WSU worked Oregon and how well SC is playing at the moment, this contest will be one to watch. I want the Ducks to win. But it would not surprise me if they lost. The Ducks have the longest win streak in the conference at 7.

Washington is like fourth in the North and another loss puts them in with WSU and Cal. They are better than that. So I expect a fierce battle in this one. Utah must play an error, mistake and penalty free game. I think they can do it. Utah has the second longest winning streak at 4 games.

Both contests have huge implications for Oregon and Utah.

UCLA is an interesting case. Left as roadkill earlier, the Bruins are now in third place in the South with a 3-2 conference record. Both Arizona programs are 2-3. The UCLA-SC contest will be another good game, potentially.

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I can tell you the 4pm-6pm timeslot for me on Saturday is going to be severely overbooked.
A lot of picture-in-picture and swapping back and forth.

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