If I'm in the Media, I really want Utah to make it in

I mean, what story lines are there with (yawn) Oklahoma or Georgia? Think of how much material they’ll have with new blood, with a Cinderella team. Either the Utes get in and lose to #1, which give them lots to write about how the committee got #1 right, or they win and the sports media goes absolutely nuts. Lots of other stories about how we busted the BCS in '04, about how we came oh-so-close in '08. Stories about conference expansion and joining the PAC-12. And of course, they’d have to run some stories about how BYU is doing this year, with a good Taysom Hill feature (obviously joking about that last one, but you know the local media would shoehorn it in)

I still remember that asshat from the Des News. His first comment to the ESPN guys who were here to report about the PAC12 invite was “why not BYU”.

So yes, the local media will shoehorn in byu-provo in some way or another.


You mean Cougar Club Harmon?


I’m bias but this storyline with a possibility to end a very good and strange career:

Yep. Nailed it.


He also made the “courtesy call” famous.

BTW, while we talk about Taysom Hill love, don’t forget Jimmer. They’ll work him in too.

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