If Alex Smith ever plays another down of football it will be an amazing story

17 Surgeries

As I think about it more, I hope he never does. The thought of reinjuring that leg and suffering more permanent damage would be too heartbreaking.

It’s the same injury that ended Joe Theisman’s career.

Memo…playing QB in DC bad…


As recently as a few months ago when he had the infection problems he was still at risk of losing his leg. He shouldn’t risk it.


A class act who has done a great deal for our University and community at large. He doesn’t need to do anything more to prove what a fine sportsman and gentleman he is.


They threw up a graphic the other day and his streak of 17 TDs without an INT is still third all time. Probably would have been number one if Andy Reid hadn’t told him to throw one.

CBS sports article says he’s had 17 surgeries on that leg to date

Jimmeny Crickets!