I think we successfully did the old switcheroo

I’ll get the redirect to happen for beta.utefans.net going, and haven’t worked out the legacy.utefans.net, but looks like we are live on utefans.net again. So long old friend.

Please note that you will likely have to re log in.

I successfully made it to the other side. Just followed the light this way!

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I had to log in again, but going to utefans.net brought me here. Nice work. :+1:

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Cool, I got the beta.utefans.net to redirect to here now, so nobody should get the danger signs that the browser was throwing because of the certificate conflict. I think we are good to go, that was surprisingly not as bad as I thought.

legacy.utefans.net is redirecting back here, so I’ve gotta dig through that old code or server settings and see what is up with that - but that is a problem for another day. Thanks to everyone who has supported and donated, etc I’m excited for the future of UFN.


I think I finally did something right!

legacy.utefans.net is up - if that is going to be an archive I do need to switch it to some much more affordable hosting - any suggestions out there of where I could do that? I wonder if there is a way to compress it down to fit on free tier of AWS? Anyone out there good with that sorta thing?

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Hmm… I haven’t played around with the free AWS Tier so not really familiar with it. Doing a quick glance worries me with some of the limits like:

Free Tier covers the first 20,000 times you retrieve a file from Amazon S3, but you’re charged for additional file retrievals.

I would think that with the amount of small read/writes that a site like that does, it could hit that limit pretty quickly with enough people just searching through old posts. For example, just hitting the front page of legacy.utefans.net the page retrieved 75 small images (only 1.3MB total), so that adds up quickly (that’s not including the other files that were retrieved). Not to mention search engine crawlers going through the site would be a quick death of fees (which can be moot if you deny them in a robots.txt file, but then that kills site ranking on search engines).

Maybe a low cost tier at a web host provider like DreamHost would be best where you don’t have the bandwidth limits, read/write limits, use SSD drives, no MySQL limits, etc., for $3-5 bucks a month.

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything in the website part of the industry, but I can help out if no one else more knowledgeable is available.

How do I read the board mail I received from UteStuckinSeattle that exists on the old site?


How does someone send board mail on this site?

I didn’t see a prompt for a board name, although it probably doesn’t matter a whole lot, my interest in college athletics will be zero after 2023.

TBD on the old site - here just click on a members name, it’ll open a little window where you can click ‘message’ then type away. To read messages to you click on your icon top right and it’ll be in the dropdown there. Or click on your icon and click on the mail icon to send.

Again great work here Rocker and LA!!! Kudos to the whole team!