I think Alex Jones is toast

As if the being caught dead to rights having perjured himself in discovery, it seems there was child porn included in some of the documents his lawyers provided the prosecution. It just reconfirms my suspicion that many of these guys screaming about grooming, trafficking, etc are actually revealing some of their own behavior.

Alex Jones’ Goose is Cooked

■■■■■■■ gets what he deserves if there’s kiddie porn.


I read somewhere that the prick’s lawyers were trying to get a mistrial due to their screw up. The judge wouldn’t allow it. Sounds like his attorneys were as brilliant as Guiliani and the Kracken.

Color me not surprised regarding the projection on his part.


Watched the look on his face yesterday when the plaintiffs’ attorney dropped the bomb in the reporting from CNN. He knows he’s cooked.

This payout judgement just went from $150 million to likely over $1 billion. He will be charged and convicted of perjury.


Zinger from a recent CNN article: “The judge overseeing the case advised Reynal to take some time while they await a verdict to research a legal argument to stop Bankston from disclosing information to the January 6 committee and others.”

Ouch! I’m excited to see what Mr. Jones’ crack legal team can come up with.

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My opinion of this individual is SO LOW already, that this revelation cannot further damage him.



Alex Jones is vile pond scum and deserves every bit of punishment that comes his way and then some.

Actually, I take that back…as it’s an insult to the pond scum community.


$4 Million.

Living proof the double standard for law exists. Had it been anybody else, a regular person, the jury would’ve found a way to try to financially break them completely. Jones can probably find that money in the seat cushions of his couch.

Note that is only for the two families, not all Sandy Hook families - more lawsuits to follow (along with the ones already filed) - odds are high this’ll break him financially ultimately. The good news about THIS award of damages is it is reasonable and is unlikely to be reduced much if at all in appeal.


Punitive damages still to come.


Yeah, looked like he puked in his moth there, when the lawer said “I notified your lawyers of this action and they did nothing”


Punitive damages of $42.5 million awarded late today. I guess I’m surprised at that amount after a relatively modest $4.1 million in compensatory damages yesterday. Regardless, I sincerely hope that when all is said and done with the verdicts and awards for the other active and future lawsuits by Sandy Hook families, that Alex Jones finds a quiet, private, productive means of earning a living

And in a humorous related note (probably inappropriately political for this category)


Just read that’s the max they can do under Texas law. That jury really hated him.

He’s got another two trials to go with other sets of Sandy Hook parents. I hope they clean him out.

Sadly, it also came to light that Infowars makes $800,000…per day. It’s quite depressing knowing the absurd amount of $$ one can make in this country pushing solely conspiracy theories and lies.


I guess bloviating fringe blowhards are endemic in partisan politics. I won’t be shedding any tears for Alex Jones. He makes conservatives look like cave dwellers.


I’m somewhat conservative, and have little to no respect for Alex Jones. He’s just too out there, so to speak. It’s one thing to do thought experiments, it’s another to be Alex Jones. Even for a large majority of conservatives, he’s fringe.


He’s not a conservative, he is simply a scoundrel. One of the great things about this verdict (and the coming verdicts, and perhaps a few sets of punitive damages) is that they will discourage other frauds and liars like him from committing the same kinds of verbal atrocities.

Not that I feel strongly about this or anything.


He might not be but his followers tend to be.


I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of his listening audience would disagree with you quite strongly on that point