I see a Utah title in the next few years

More and more people are casting serious doubt on a football season happening, most recently the Dallas school superintendent. In this scenario, recruiting is going to be even more of a crapshoot than normal, which may give Utah a unique edge over many other programs. Spotting and developing talent is Utah’s forte, so it stands to reason that they end up with some guys that were totally off others’ radars, greatly increasing the potential for an unprecedented amount of talent to fall into Utah’s lap.

There, how’s that for a silver lining from the board pessimist.

The fly in the ointment is the new “paying the athletes” thing. In the future the talent will flow to where they have the best chance to make some scratch. Media activity will be king. If a car dealer want to expand they will use a local athlete’s name. The more opportunities to market will rise in importance. We don’t know where this train will go but it doesn’t fare well for many of the historical powerhouse programs

I’m pretty ignorant to this argument, so help me understand please. I think California (and maybe other states) approved universities paying athletes. Is there anything the NCAA could do to effectively override that law? If not, it obviously creates a huge advantage for colleges in those states (at least the ones that can afford to pay players), so it stands to reason that every other state would fall in line quickly to make sure they remain competitive. Yet, I don’t recall seeing a mad rush by states to enact similar laws.

I don’t have a problem with colleges being able to pay players so long as there are caps, and those caps are not unrealistic for poorer schools (for lack of a better term). Then, however, you open up a whole other can of worms with value and equality arguments, but nothing is perfect. I just hope we don’t make major changes that end up tilting the playing field even more than it is now.

I am reluctant to represent any knowledge at all on this board. The final word in not in as far as I know but the wave is building