I keep seeing a post on facebook that says the game time has been moved to 5:00

Anyone have any insight if this is true?

Was wondering this as well. Might mean I’ll be late…would screw up babysitter schedule. :frowning:

It’s a satirical article from Utezone attempting to get the crowd there on time


Y’all should stay off Facebook. It’s not helped many posters on here this week.


The one that I saw said it was ABC that made the change.

I would be nice if the place was full in time for the Senior Night intros. This team wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is now without their contributions and, in a bunch of key cases, commitment to making it happen rather than just going pro when they had the chance.


I think it is an effort to get people into the stadium early in order to honor the seniors.

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Yeah, it really is extraordinary.
We owe a lot to the Hallendale trio

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Blockquote “In our estimation, now that the game is starting at 5 p.m., we are expecting the majority of fans to arrive around 5:15 or 5:20. By that time these seniors will have had their underwhelming moment in front of dozens of people who followed them for four or five years, which is really what this whole sport is all about.”


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But to be fair, I was at the Wisconsin Purdue game on Saturday, and it was exactly the same. Stadium was at least half empty when the game started and was 90% full by the time the 1st quarter ended.

But to also be fair, if there was ever a time to buck that trend, Saturday is it. Hopefully the Seniors get a packed house roaring for all they’ve done for the U.


It was a bullcrap attempt to get people there for the senior day ceremony. If people want to be there and I do, good for them. But to go on social media, Im talking to you Steve Bartle and make up a time change is BS. Very confusing. It started on Twitter and got spread around from there.

It is true, and you also might want to consider dressing up like a cowboy to honor the seniors.


I also have a hard time with the complaints about being on time when they don’t even do what they can to get people in the stadium. We always enter from the west side, and the lines are always at least 10 minutes to get in, but then there are 4-5 gates on each side that aren’t even open. You’d a have at least a decent number of more butts in seats if you’d hire a few more people to man those extra gates.

Exactly right, he’s trying to get our californicated fan base to get there on time.

If it’s not the Millennials, it’s Californians, amirite??

Have you never heard of Mormon Standard Time?


This is exactly right. For Football, we have a Mormon family next to us, and one in front of us. None of them are ever on time.

For Basketball, we have two Mormon couples behinds us, that we’ve come to know over the last 15 years - they often arrive at half time, and I doubt have ever seen the teams introduced.

I’m not LDS, but have many relatives who are. They are the people that introduced the concept of Mormon Standard Time to me, indicating that it is a real thing, and pervasive in local culture.

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I pay a LOT of money for football tickets, and a more modest amount for hoops tickets. I want my money’s worth and will always arrive well before kickoff (tip off) and stay until the final buzzer.

(Same goes for concerts and similar events)


We once held 4 general seating tix at a concert for friends who arrived a half hour into the first set so they could “catch-up” over drinks. Not fun.

I’m like you. In fact, i’m a bit obsessive about being on time, or slightly early. Haven’t missed the beginning of a football game for years, and only once late recently for basketball due to traffic from a blizzard.

Our butts will be in the seats for the senior night honors, long before the team comes out the tunnel.

The U is giving a big discount to students, faculty, and staff for this game. Students can get multiple guests in for free. I think they are worried that the holiday and the weather will leave the stadium looking empty.