I just want to point something out - Bugs Bunny is not a rabbit

He is a hare - long ears, his tail, long legs. All signs point to him being a hare. Want to know what else isn’t a rabbit? Jack rabbits are actually hares.

Who says social isolation is having an effect?

I’m pretty sure it was acknowledged at some point in the show that he is a jackrabbit so yeah technically a hare. Thanks for clearing that up.

“Wabbit Season” is funnier than “Hawe Season”.


Just proves Elmer Fudd is even more stupid than we supposed.

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“IIIIII hate that rabbit!”

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Rabbit or hare??

A speech impediment doesn’t mean a lack of intellect.

He was a pretty lousy hunter, though. . .

I said nothing of a speech impediment. He fell for EVERYTHING. And was continually outwitted by a literal hare brain.

Elmer Fudd was objectively stupid. Daffy Duck, tweety bird, porky pig who all also had speech impediments were exceptionally smart.

Don’t project your biases on me. :man_facepalming: