I just had a thought. It was a very scary thing. But then it became possibly a good thing

The original plan for the south end zone reconstruction was to demo everything but the locker rooms and the stands, put in the infrastructure, girders, etc., for the closing in of the corners, then shut down until the end of the season. They would then start demo right after the last game at the stadium and finish the upgrade.

Now that there’s no season, there’s no reason to stop construction. Possibly we could be seeing the Ken Garff Performance Center and it’s updates a year earlier than it would have been under the original plan.

I hope this is the case. Don’t stop the construction.


To be precise, there’s no Fall football season. A football season is still possible. :slight_smile:

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Make those crews start rockin and rollin. It would be awesome to have a spring ribbon cutting.


The trick is there was to be a period from late November to late August during which the building with locker rooms and existing stands is leveled then the new part with new seating and locker rooms is built.

Once the old building is gone, pretty much can’t have football at RES until the new one is in place.

With possibility of spring football, a short break of only a few months before next season, kind of throws a curve ball at the project.

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Interesting. Mark Harlan is on right now with Hans & Scott. He just made a remark about the construction crews talking and redoing the timeline for the south endzone reconstruction. I don’t think he’s totally sold on the idea of spring ball.

Relistened to the presser. Harlan’s exact words were “full speed ahead” with the demo of the old building. I can take that two ways. 1. If a spring season does happen it will be without fans in the seats OR 2. A spring season is just an attempt to hold out a glimmer of hope that in the end ain’t happening.

I think it all depends on whether an effective vaccine is available.