I have created a new way of throwing up the U we can all get behind

… and I’m posting it here so I can prove I came up with it when it takes Ute Nation by storm.

Right now, we extend our thumbs and forefingers, closing the middle, ring and pinkie fingers.

What if we combined the “22” and the U into a single hand gesture?

As in…

Extend the thumb, the forefinger, AND the middle finger, with separation between the forefinger and middle finger as if showing a “2” on that hand.

So it’s be throwing up the U… with a 22.

So… kind of like this, with periods as the pinkies and ring fingers, the V as the middle and index fingers, and the underscores as the thumbs:

…V_ _V…

Come on, go ahead, tell me how amazingly brilliant this is. I’ll wait.

P.S. And yes, I know I posted this with 22 days until kickoff, because… 22. Yup.