I decided to congratulate them for last night

Since I had been gently trolling them through the day I thought it was the least I should do.

Boy they make it hard to be nice

BSU were frauds and never deserving of the high rankings they received. Hopefully they just go away, and they can take the team that beat them last night with them. I would congratulate the team for their victory last night, but never the insufferable, “we’re so superior to everyone else”, asses on CB.

That was an internal battle of “who do I hate more”. Both teams losing is really the only acceptable outcome of that game.


I think it’s hilarious they won that game. BSU was wildly overrated, and now it gives the Zoobs a sense of hope…for a week, until they get throttled by USU.

“We’re the best, see how we beat a ranked team!” (conveniently forgetting losses to USF and Toledo)

“Oh no, we suck again!”


I know injuries are a part of the game, but if Boise had their starting QB healthy, that game would have been an embarrassment for TDS

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A meteor strike right in the middle of that ugly blue field is what that game deserved.


I’ve trolled them as long as I did here before finally getting onboard recently, but I don’t understand why Ute fans actually become members on that board.
It doesn’t seem that even the most respected Ute members are treated very well. Ever.


The game was at the unfinished tinker toy stadium in Provo.Seriously, when are they going to cover up the ugly steel and make it look respectable? It is the BAD kind of nekkid.

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