I am really more worried about the CU game than any other this year


  1. This is now the biggest game in Utah football history.
  2. Utes have historically had at least one WTF game every year. We have not had that this year.
  3. Cold weather creates interesting outcomes. They can become 3-0 games like the one at BYU in Meyer’s first year. This feels like a low scoring game with each team having a limited number of possessions.

Disagree: USC


We don’t really think of the USC game as that type of game but it really was. They had lost to BYU, within the first possession we were playing their 3rd string QB and our secondary got uncharacteristically torched. Stats indicated that we should have won that game handily but we couldn’t convert and lost out on a bunch of 50/50 balls.

We don’t need two puzzling losses, but it seems the USC game truly was despite their talent pool and name-brand. It also was a wake up call and I believe inspired the play we are getting today.

Game time should be dry, I hope they’ve got the field properly cleared and prepped. Stay warm on the sideline and we should be okay.

Utah made some big mistakes against USC, no doubt. But they came out and played hard. I have watched USC a number of times this year and USC has not played with the same intensity defensively as they played with against the Utes. I consider a WTF game to be like 2011 vs. CU, or 2015 against both Cal and Oregon where those teams were terrible defensively and we struggled.


I’m nervous too.
But the boys seems laser focused, and I like the leadership qualities displayed in the games where we could have stalled, but did not.
I hope we come out with a decisive win/no injuries

How is anyone worried about a sub .500 team losing to the eventual conference champ?

Washington Huskies weren’t worried either.

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If you think the Huskies are on the same level as Utah I worry you don’t watch football. It’s weird you guys advocate “giving respect” to the Utes but apparently don’t do so yourself.

Because we aren’t entitled & arrogant DB’s.
Because it a freezing cold day and we are playing against a motivated and injured rival.
Because it’s football, and like warfare, a lot of ■■■■ can happen once the bullets start flying around.
Because half the state is rooting against us.

That is a lame response with zero football acumen. It’s not arrogant to think a home team ranked #6 beats a team that doesn’t even have six wins.

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All signs point to the Utes winning but you are displaying your ignorance about Utah football and our fine collection of truly puzzling losses at inopportune times. It is the PTSD of that tradition that has fans saying what they are.

I expect to win tonight but I would not be completely dumbfounded if we lost tonight. However as a true Ute fan I think this is the more likely scenario:

We drill CU in a statement game that grabs the attention of everyone paying attention. The mantra is that the Utes are legit and absolutely deserve a shot in the CFP above all those around them. They are all but a shoo-in to make it. But then Oregon lays an egg and to make matters worse for them Herbert and a couple of starters on their team go down to injury making the path that much easier to the Utes. With all the confidence of the nation we go and somehow lose to a hobbled Oregon and find ourselves in the Alamo bowl with everyone asking how in the world that happened.

^^^ That is a true Utah scenario.


I get the PTSD but this team is different. You are the most balanced Utah we’ve seen in a decade.


You’ve just tapped into the psyche of the longtime Utah fan. We never give ourselves any respect, we’re afraid to…

And I agree, this team is different. Very much like the 2004 team where there was little doubt about whether we were going to win.

I’ll also add that I think a lot of this talk is driven by a little superstition. If we get confident it’ll somehow hex the team.


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The game has yet to be determined…
I’m sticking with nervously understanding our history, and the game of football, while respecting our opponent.

Imma say it.

Bama, the short answer is: this is Utah’s fan base. We seem to always have a wtf loss every year. It can be argued that loss was USC, but still it is the Utah fan base. It feels odd for us to have the target on our back, instead of the other way around.

It’s probably not the answer you wanted, but it’s the best explanation that I can give. As a fan base we’re adjusting to being a favorite.


This is the least worried I’ve been this season. I’m concerned about injuries because this team has a lot more football to play. I have no doubt that Kyle and co. have drilled into the team about CU trashing our post-season aspirations before, their momentum, etc. I expect CU to put up a tough fight for the first half, but the Utes are going to dominate.

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