I am reading where Nebraska has fired Scott Frost

Wow. He never should have left UCF.


I didn’t think he’d last the season, but 3 games in surprised me. I figured they’d wait til game six or so. I was wrong.

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Nebraska has not been a power in FB for years. In the past they could recruit big hogs from the Midwest & dominate in the trenches. Not any more—I get the $$ is better in the Big 10, but they were better off in the Big 12 where they were a force.
Good luck turning that around.

Lincoln is not a destination for adults, even less for 18 year olds.

Understood. I’ve been through Lincoln. Wasn’t too impressed, and that was 35 or so years ago. I can’t imagine living there now with so many other options available.

I agree that Nebraska was better off in the Big XII. Would be again if they were given the opportunity IMO. Although I doubt that they’d take it.

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Here’s my favorite Lincoln, Nebraska resident:

holiday inn mashup - YouTube

In real life this guy is a farmer in Nebraska - definitely out there, not a high-volume agriculturalist, does standup in Lincoln.


The students are holding up signs that they want Urban.
Urban in Lincoln Nebraska after a stint in the pros—LOL.

Rumor that Bronco might want to un-retire & take the Nebraska job.?!?!