I am now trying to sell two tickets to the Rose Bowl (maybe I'll give them away), apparently entry to the stadium requires a smart phone

I don’t ever plan to own a cell/smart phone, or an Xbox, etc. I’m just not into consumer electronics. Lest you think I’m a luddite, up until a few months ago, I designed, built, and implemented communications system for the U.S. Space Force, in a Top Secret facility, cell/smart phones weren’t allowed in my office.

Originally the UU ticket office advertised that the tickets were digital, which I took to mean you could also use a hard copy print out with a bar code if you want like I did for my airplane flights last week. Afterward I learned: 1 - You are required to download an application on your cell phone, 2 - Create an account for the application, 3 - Download the tickets to your smart phone. Complete and total kludge.

I’m Level 6 Crimson Club, I’m waiting to hear back from them to see if they have any ideas.

This guy and I have the same mindset: Why does the universe exist? | Jim Holt - YouTube

Seems unreasonable. I often print tix for events because they allow for duplicates in case we are separated, have luggage delayed etc… a phone can be misplaced or damaged up until the event. Not sure why it’s not an option.

Because people in California are crazy about their not wanting to use paper in any instance. That being said, it was the same for the Pac-12 Championship Game. I was able to download the ticket to my phone quite easily actually. It isn’t that hard.

Unless, as stated above, one doesn’t have a smart phone. There needs to be other options, but maybe it’s to put on someone else’s phone that you can go with?


Problem solved (hissy fit over).

After talking to the UU ticket office, then Rose Bowl office #1, Darrel Peters of the Crimson Club gave me a number at the Rose Bowl (office #2). The attendant stated they would accommodate me by showing up at Utah Customer Service (between gate A & G), displaying my confirmation e-mail and driver license.


That’s great!
So glad you’ll be part of the cheering crowd bringing the title home

Amazing you were willing to sell / give away your tickets. I have a feeling you are an individual with strong convictions! Happy you’ll make it!

I am in fact attending the game, because I now have a method to gain admission.


Shame I can only give you one star. :grinning: