I am going to take so many selfies

The new statue is glorious outside Bryant Denny Stadium:

I suspect you won’t be alone in taking selfies there. Don’t hurt yourself doing it.


That looks amazing. This is why I wish we’d drift away from the red tailed hawk thing and go towards a large animal like an elk or a moose.

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They actually put it in a perfect spot to avoid people getting hurt. Also, I am lying. I don’t take photos of myself.

The cool part is the artist who did this is a guy from Africa with an eye patch which makes it more Heavy Metal :metal: than I suspected.

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Do you have any info on the artist? This sounds like it could be an interesting story.

Ask and ye shall receive: Biography of Artist Terry Mathews - Wildlife Sculptures in Bronze


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Nice read. Thank you. Mr. Matthews would be a blast to chat with I think.

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Michael is a great writer. Alabama is blessed with fantastic beat writers: This fascinating man in Kenya is the artist behind Alabama’s new 7-ton football icon - al.com