Husky Stadium & The Drip Line

We learned something from Little Miss Shasta’s fiancee last night. Yes, that girl that much of the Guardsman lot raised from a 13-year-old is getting married next year for those that haven’t heard. But that’s another post.

If you’re buying tickets for the game be aware of something Husky fans call the “drip line”. The drip line is where seats are in the open or covered in sections 100 & 300. If you’re behind the drip line you’re likely nice and dry if it’s raining. If not, it can get pretty miserable with storms coming off of the lake.

There’s a website that tells you if your seats are covered or uncovered. Just go in and tell the site you already have tickets, plug in the section and row and you’ll know if your seats are in front of or behind the drip line.

Yep. Keep in mind that the drip line will move based on the prevailing wind too. The best seats at Husky Stadium are high up.

Yeah, the last time I went up there for a Ute game, I was soggy from head to toe by the end of the game. It took me two days to dry off. And I was wearing a rain poncho.

Meanwhile this Saturday’s forecast shows potential for rain.

Any south sound Ute fans have any desire for a UW vs Utah watch party?

Last I saw this morning the storm has slowed down. Looks like (for now) the rain may hold off until toward the end of the game. Hopefully by that time Huntley, Moss and the 1’s will all be wearing ball caps, not helmets.