Man I was so bummed to see Huntley get hurt today. I really hope he’s not out long but He could barely move out there and he took another shot that hurt him. Moss seemed like he wasn’t 100% after the targeting. Shelley and Lisk just weren’t ready to go tonight. Hopefully with a week to prepare one of them Is ready to beat Cal.

If Huntley’s injury was overly serious, I’m guessing they wouldn’t have let him come back in. I’m guessing he was simply in a lot of pain.

That’s my hope, anyways. Got a nasty bruise or calf strain or something, and he’s back next week.


Heard it was an ankle sprain, aggravated just before he went out.

Why was Moss in at the end of the game? Whose brilliant idea was that?

My guess is to get him is record, and try to get over 100 yds for his mom.


Suspect it was Moss’s idea. IF he cleared the physical, which I believe he did. Then having your top player knowing he can break the record, and get 100 in front of his mother gives you limited choices. You can sit him down and hurt his morale and motivation. Or you can ask him if he’s really up for it, and give the guy the shot he’s demanding and earned. I’ve seen instances where we left people out there when we clearly shouldn’t have (Wynn) but I didn’t see Moss hurt in that way. He got his bell rung, passed concussion protocol. And was ready to come back out and get some payback. Which he did.


Welcome aboard btw.

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No… I am talking about later. He was in on the LAST drive of the game, after we has already clinched the win.

Think he wanted that shot at 100. he ended at 91 I believe. Same answer as above.

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The number I saw was 99.


That is a ridiculous reason to risk injury. That is no better than Lavell Edward’s sending players back into the game to break records.

Not saying it makes complete sense. Just don’t think it’s 100% the coach not caring. Sometimes the player really isn’t that injured. Sometimes the player is hiding the injury. And sometimes the coach or player knows more than we do. But yes…I’d also prefer to keep a player healthy than chase 9 extra yards in order to get a *record on a given week. But I’m not on the field so I don’t think they care what I would prefer.

Moss needs the reps and in game conditioning. Utah has been dominating and if you keep pulling Moss out in games like the last 3 he won’t be as ready and conditioned in one of these games we don’t have the luxury to pull him out early. Too much rest can become a bad thing. Also he wants to play and his teammates want him to play and when people work as hard as these players do you reward them because it pays dividends later.


Remember hes trying to increase draft stock. He needs yards. Typically when the defense is tired at the end of the game a running back can break free and get those numbers up. I was ok with it, knowing the coaches were thinking of his monetary future as well.


Huntley looked like it might have been left knee. Dr. Petron gave him a stabilization test right on the field, and then they had him get up. Knee or ankle, it definitely affected his throwing, hence the pick.

Moss I was a little surprised to see come back in. He cleared protocol, and was impressive in the post game interview.

Maybe even more impressive was Bryan Thompson coming back in.

Paulo looked like an ankle (hopefully). If he needs time, flipping Simi Moala to LT and shifting Ford to RT gives us nearly no drop off, so we’ll see what the offensive game plan looks like vs Cal.


I don’t agree. What the football team wants to do counts for something. I am sure he/they had the option and passed on your idea. I have no problem with the game being 60 minutes, the last few was all about running out the clock. If anyone wanted Moss to have 100, so be it. If they want to put in the 2s and allow a late score like OSU, fine with that as well. If you don’t want to give up a record, stop the offense.
Still, I understand the point. Like Washington last year, ASU was matching our physical play with late hits with bad intentions. The roughing on Huntley could easily been targeting. Cleaning up these type of plays could go a long way to addressing the risk of injury as the game winds down.


You completely missed the point.


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I have zero issue with him playing. Players want to play, particularly in front of family and friends. Plus he needs to demonstrate durability and toughness for the scouts.


And his parents were at the game. He wanted them to see him play and do all the great things he has been doing at Utah.